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Kraft House Summer Reno: Table

First, please forgive me.  I was to share this yesterday.  The plan was to type this on the way down to North Carolina, however i95 was not favorable and my duty as co-pilot was to make sure the two tots were well during our hour long traffic back up.  We made it, and that is all that matters.  So, the promised post…the update to our dining room: specifically the table reno.


About two weeks ago I shared the major list of home projects we, The Krafts, have compiled to complete this summer.  We’re excited to share that we have two of our many projects complete!  In the previous post here, I shared about our reno to the downstairs bathroom.  This past week we kicked it into high gear and overhauled our dining room.  Why the dining room?  Because I was repainting the wooden trim and it was the smallest area, if I should hate the result.  I do not and I cannot wait until I am able to continue into the living room.


Because we were unable to hang the trim around the sliding glass door and get decor on the walls, I am not going to share about the entire dining room reno.  I will save that for later.  Today – the focus is the table.


I love my table.  We were visiting our best friends in Virginia and stopped at one of our favorite stores: The ReStore.  These stores are Habitat for Humanity stores.  Each location is different and the items found in the individual store even varies from week to week.  We were in need of a new table and walked in to find what we ended up purchasing.  I loved the edges of the table.  It was so different.  Not your ordinary rectangle or square shape.  The detail on top was interesting, too.  So, we made the purchase, and were thankful we took the vehicle we did so we could fit it for our trip back to PA.


Over time, my style has changed.  I have been influenced by Fixer Upper and I like to refer to my style as “Chip and Joanna Gaines”.  This table is NOT that.  A far cry from that.  My whole house is a far cry from that, actually.  So this piece needed major updating.


I decided to go with a wooden top and paint out the base, white.


I first set to sand the top.  I have no idea what kind of paint they used…no clue – but it was not coming off with the 60 grit sand paper I had.  Not a dent.  So, I had to strip it. I went with the Citristrip spray.  *If I were doing this again I would be sure to get the kind that you brush on. While spraying it, I accidentally got it on places I didn’t want it to get – making my job a bit longer.*  I let it work, and after 40 minutes, this is the result.

Reno Pic 1
Table after 40 minutes of Citristrip


The stain came off like a champ!!  Sanding was still needed (as well as some spots treated twice) for the paint.  Seriously – I am not sure what was used.  After the sanding, we were left with this.

Reno Pic 2
Table almost ready for stain


Delighted to find that the pattern that we thought was only paint, was actually how the table was built.  Husband was especially pumped. I sanded with 60 grit, then 150, then finished with 180.  I could/should have done another round of 220, but I did not have any on hand and I was racing against weather.  And, truth be told, it was as smooth as a baby’s bottom after the 180 – so all was well.

Reno Pic 3
Table with stain


I then set to work on painting out the bottom/base of the table.  I went with traditional white.  I made it into chalk paint, since it is so forgiving; and it truly does make the refinishing process SO. MUCH. FASTER.


I applied 2 coats, with 3 in some of the spots.  Once it was completely dried, I sanded to antique and then sealed both the table top and the base.  We moved it inside just 5 minutes before a torrential downpour.  Perfect timing, huh?!


Here are some pictures of the finished piece.  I am in some serious need of some new chairs.  Not only to match, but ones that also match the new style.  I do have to find them on the cheap, and the best would be to refinish the ones we have – but they are subpar in structure and we have already done what we could to stabilize them.  So – we are on the lookout for new(ish) ones.  Until then, our current ones will have to work.  Here are some pics of the finished piece.

Reno Pic 4
Table in its designated space


Reno Pic 5
It’s all in the details  (Floors to be refinished soon!!)


Reno Pic 6
All about the details 2


Reno Pic 7
With chairs. Please excuse the mismatch

I am so pleased with the outcome.  It completely changes the feel of the room.  A perfect touch to the #krafthousesummerreno projects.  Fingers crossed the other “to-dos” go along just as easily.


Have a great Wednesday.  We’re off to play outside and do some fishing in this 99% humidity that North Carolina feels necessary to share with us.

~ Sami

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