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Life Cleansing

First let me say that I am going to be rather straightforward this post. More straightforward than I normally am. I know, I know – seems impossible.

Previously I have mentioned that I have a sign hanging above my sink that reads, “Live Simply ~ Remain Grateful.”

I read that sign Sure, sometimes it inspires me to say a prayer of thankfulness or motivates me to change our lifestyle. But do I? Nope.

No follow through.

The other night my husband and I were discussing finances and I said how we come up with great plans and then we never follow through.

I need to lose like 45 pounds. I’ll start a running program or working out and eating better, but then after a month or two I’m done. No follow through.

Let’s not address the crap ton of projects I started but never finished.

Sure, most of it is hustle and bustle of my life. Taking care of 2 kids largely on my own with zero help from family. My husband working 13-14 hour days and occasional weekends. With a 2 and 1 year old I am happy to make it through the day getting my house straightened up, teeth brushed, and showered. (Moms … You feel me?)

I’m SO TIRED of having no follow through! I’m more tired of that than I am actually physically tired. Which is a lot. Because I’m exhausted right now.

I’m going to show you something … I call it my “Monica Gellar Closet.”


That crap is tragic. Awful. Horrible. It is a ton of stupid stuff I am “holding onto,” can’t organize, or haven’t used since … 2010. Every closet in my house looks like this. My closet of clothing is a collection of stuff I don’t wear. Ever.

Basically my whole life right now is a big, steaming pile of unnecessary. Between living paycheck to paycheck (something we hate!), the clutter in every corner and crevice, the extra pounds still waiting to be lost, and the complete and total complication of a life that I WANT to live simply ….


Brass tacks? Our life needs radical change. My life needs radical change. My behavior needs radical change. No more, “oh we will get there when we get there.” Cause guess what homies? I’ve been on this journey for 5 years and I’ve been taking naps along the way … Shoot no … I’ve been HIBERNATING along the way. And now I’m done.

Do you want to be done too? No more gradual change? No more hiding the complicated parts? No more clutter and stress and to actually follow through on it?!

Me freakin too.

So here’s how I’m radically changing:

1. Crappy Clutter

This week I am beginning to go through all closets, cabinets, the garage, kitchen … All of it. And anything that hasn’t been touched in the past 6 months (obvious exceptions apply in SOME cases) is going in the yardsale pile. Yardsale date has been set for June 20. It is going to be an epic purge of crap we don’t need.

2. Crappy Clothes

I have too many clothes I don’t wear. My husband has too many clothes he doesn’t wear. My children have too many clothes they don’t wear. And they’re gone. Now the kids and husband are excluded from my next adventure – clothing capsule. But yes … I am completely purging my closet sans a few items and purchasing 10 interchangeable items for spring/summer and 10 items for fall/winter. Why? Because seriously … That’s all I need. I’m tired of looking at a full closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear.” DUMB AND NOT SIMPLE.

3. Crappy Weight

Workout 5x’s a week, get a sweat on, cut back on the sweets. You won’t find me “eating clean.” Or “meal preppin.” You will find me eating healthy, balanced meals with the occasional bad meal here and there. My body responds to physical exercise and so from now on I’m just going to do it. Put my big girl panties on and handle it.

4. Crappy Money

With me at home we live on one income. But you know what isn’t simple with one income? Debt. Car debt. Credit card debt. Student loan debt. Oh gosh. Throat closing response. I HATE DEBT. HATE IT. LOATHE IT. And I am sick of it. I want to not be consumed with it anymore. I want to be able to invest in our future and not invest in just next week’s groceries. We need radical change, right? So … Radical change we are having. Snowball payments on our debt (Dave Ramsey) – and the goal is to be entirely out of debt in 7 years, minus the house. That seems like a while, I know. But with one income the process does work a little slower!

All nonessentials are being cut back and/or turned off. Grocery budget is being hacked in half.

And don’t you worry … I’ll report back on our progress here.

That’s it. I want a decluttered and simple life full of abundance of thanks and just overall gratefulness. I don’t want to get on Pinterest or DIY blogs anymore and covet these beautiful homes stuffed to the brim with Ikea Ektorp sofas and perfectly decorated kitchens and dining rooms. I don’t want a constantly-growing list of projects and ideas. In a world that is ANYTHING but simple, I crave simplicity for this home.

Sure, I’m creative and have some projects I will be accomplishing this summer, but they’re not my end all. And they will adhere to budget.

Big changes are coming to the House of Kelsea.

Is your life a little too messy?

Do you want to join in?






2 thoughts on “Life Cleansing”

  • I commend you! It’s so great to realize that you have to do more than WISH for change. I am at the same place with the closet – I am SICK SICK of hating my clothes yet having more clothes than I can wear in a month! I am probably going to allow myself more than 10 items (I’m going for that 33 item wardrobe I read somewhere?), but it sure will be nicer to LOVE all 33 instead of be “meh” about the 100+ items! (I am actually going to count how many pieces I have. Truth. I need a reality check!)
    Good luck to you!!! I can’t wait to hear if you post some closet makeovers!!

  • Thank you. I needed to read that. I need to follow through on so many things. And I need to start now. Tonight. I am praying that you and I will both actually follow through on the things we have purposed to do.

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