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Living Room Worthy Toy Storage


With children comes the joy of toys.  And I’ve found that if it is the first grandchild,  it’s lots of toys.  If I could have a wish, I would wish that with each additional child, one’s house would grow…literally.  As in, the square footage would increase.  You know, a congrats on expanding the family and a magical wand would appear and poof – an addition onto the house.  However, that livable space seems to decrease.  Does the child take up that much space?  Nope – that sacred square footage goes to the 4983458495 cars, bouncy balls, shape sorters, ring stackers, shall I go on..?

Our home is smaller.  Great starter home with the potential to become more because of the size of our property.  We “fell” into the deal and could not pass it up.  Honestly, there is plenty of room for the average family with 2.5 children and even a pet.  Serious organization would be necessary, but most definitely “doable”.

The issue is, I am not one to allow toys strung all throughout my house.  Don’t get me wrong – I love to see the little wonder discover new things as he interacts with his toys, but there are so many.  And before the creation of this little project they were just thrown in a basket/bag without any sense or order.

Perhaps a picture will help you.  This is after a play session.


I wish I were kidding.  I wish I could say, I just threw them about to get a good picture to make this post even better.  I’m not and I can’t.  This is what it looks like.  Actually – this is a bit better because I started to organize for the boxes that were going to be coming.   I also had a few infant toys that needed to be packed up.

Also with children come the wipe and diaper boxes, as well as the boxes new toys come in.  Because I didn’t want to go and buy a piece of furniture to “hide” his toys, or a plastic container that wasn’t “living room worthy”, I decided to upcycle the boxes, add a bit of burlap and create what turned out to be very durable toy storage.  They are also super cute and look nice in the living room.

The project was rather simple.  There will be a bit of clean up necessary after working with the burlap, but completely worth it.

Items needed: boxes (any size), burlap, hot glue gun and glue (lots of it!), scissors, and spray paint (if the box is printed on)

The first thing I did was spray paint the boxes.  The burlap allows for color to show through a bit – so I decided to paint it all one color.


The white box was a Scholastic book box, I just used white to cover up the red words.  The blue box was a Pampers wipe box and was about 4 different colors.  The white wasn’t going to cut it – so I went with a light blue.  We had the spray paint on hand – so that was no cost.

After the paint dried, it was onto covering them up with the burlap.  I cut the burlap to size.  Think – wrapping a gift.  That is exactly how I approached it when cutting the amount of material needed.


I began by putting a “squiggle” of hot glue in the corners and in the middle to attach the burlap. I continued around the box, working with about 2-3 inch sections.  I would stretch/pull the burlap to ensure a taught fit.


For the bottom, I treated it as if I was wrapping a gift.  I worked with one side at a time.  It did not hinder the box from sitting upright and being level…just to put your mind at ease.


For the top of the box, I continued gluing in 2-3 inch sections, and folded it over the edge.  I was sure to stretch/pull the burlap to help with the smooth finish.


I gave it the once over, making sure to glue down any piece that might be sticking up, and the box was complete.  I will let you know, there will be a seam.  I just folded it over and gave the seam a good seal.



These have been B-man tested.  They are incredibly durable.  I filled this particular one with toys, to which he dumped immediately, and ended up using it as if it were a walking cart.  After adding the glue and the burlap, the box almost became indestructible.

Cutie, right?!!


I am incredibly pleased with how they turned out, truly living room worthy toy storage.  And an added bonus, B-man and I can begin working on putting our toys away as we  found them since everything has a home.  I am a huge advocate of that. 🙂

Next week I have a special treat of how I used some of the leftover burlap, an old picture frame, a staple gun, and some acrylic paint.  You won’t want to miss it!  Great little gem to use in your home, gift to a friend/family member, or even send one to school with your child for their teacher on the first day…since school begins in just about 4 weeks…Oye!!!

What have you upcycled recently? I would love to hear…always excited to try something new.

Happy Thursday,


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