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Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats


Yep! We are only 37 days til we hit the road on our ‘magical’ Disney vacation! Mommy remains the most excited at this point but as those numbers go down, the excitement is beginning to build for the rest of my people as well.

Today I have a quick little Disney themed snack for you. I made these for the kids and they were a hit to say the least. The best part, they only took a few minutes longer than just making a regular pan of Rice Krispy Treats!


Not much thought was involved in this one. I just made my normal recipe for treats and instead of pressing them into a pan, I grabbed small handfuls of the sticky-ness and formed little Mickeys. I will say, keeping my hands wet helped immensely with being able to form them. I kept a small bowl of water in my work area and when they started to get sticky, I dipped my fingers in the water and was off and running again. Once I had a good shape I pressed the chocolate chips in for some extra yumminess. Then all that was left to do was set them aside to harden a bit and they were ready to go!


The cuteness definitely justified the extra effort in my opinion! What do you think?


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