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Monthly Milestone Collages


There are so many fantastic ideas floating around the internet today on how to document those all important milestones of your little one.  I am not a scrapbooker.  I am not even a Project Life(r).  Danielle and Kelsea love it;  I love the idea of it.  But to sit and fill out cards with a narrative of what happened…oye!  I just think of all that time I could be spending cleaning my house, switching out B-man’s outgrown clothes, grading school work, differentiating my student’s math or spelling…the list goes on.  I will probably regret it one day and kick myself in the behind…but I’ll wait until I cross that bridge.

Instead, I contemplated on how I could document how he changed over the month.  I am a picture taking fool (thank you iPhone and my trusty Canon S100)…so I knew I would have plenty of pictures to show those moments.  It was the narrative piece I was missing.  Then, I was introduced to PicMonkey.  (Kelsea did a fabulous post on PicMonkey here.  She shared how the site allowed her to get the “twinkle” she was looking for to use with their family Christmas cards.)  A light bulb went off and I was set.  I would use the pictures I had taken over the month, along with the major changes/milestones the B-man accomplished…put them together…and viola…the monthly milestone collage was born.  Score!

Sometimes I was a week or two late in creating them…but I always got them created.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law love them!  I can email or text the picture and they are always able to have at least 1 updated photo of the little tot.

Then, the collages got even better when the Husband’s side of the family was visiting for a weekend and stated that they would LOVE to have these special moments printed out.  The great grandmas really stressed this idea.  So, to I went.  And guess what I found out…they now print square photos.  Glory hallelujah!  I uploaded months 1-10 (his age at the time) and printed a set for both great grandmas, Grandma Kraft, Grand Pappy Jim, and for our home.  I received a text about an hour later and we were set.  The Kraft side of the family went home with their pictures and our copies were placed on our fridge.  They are a great conversation piece and I know that the wee one will love to ask about them as he grows.

PicMonkey is a very friendly site and, as Kelsea said, completely internet based.  No downloading…woot!!  Here is a snap shot of months 1-10.

IMG_1112It is cRaZy how much they change!!

Here are months 11 and 12.  I have not printed hard copies of those, yet.  I do plan on doing that before I return to school next month.


Brandton12MonthsThat smile…so. cute!

There really are so many options within PicMonkey.  And if you upgrade for the ~$30 membership…you gain even more options.  The possibilities truly are endless.

So… if you are stretched thin for time, not a scrapbooker (like me!), or a tech lover whose family has embraced the digital age with reckless abandoned…perhaps this is just the ticket you have been looking for.  As for those of you that love the scrapbooking adventure…you will always have my sincerest appreciation and I will continue to stand in awe of your masterful creations!

How did you document your little one’s milestones?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

Best Thursday wishes.  And, as always, any questions – please feel free to comment below.



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