the domestic tales of four sisters

the domestic tales of four sisters

Morning Routines

I’m a fan of routines.

My kids were each carefully settled into one shortly after birth that lasted through their entire first year. Now they have morning routines and bedtime routines and, because of the daycare, we even have a very set schedule for our days. They are happy, peaceful, always know what to expect, and, most importantly, what is expected of them. It helps bring a calm to our days that I wouldn’t want to live without.

The missing piece however, is me. Other than the parts of my day dictated by keeping the kids’ routines in place, I’m a ball of mess. I mean, I have some routines. I always put my makeup on in the same exact order (foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara), I clean things in the same order and even shower the same way every time… TMI?  But, as far as a big picture general routine for my day…well, that would be a big fat fail. I just fly through my days hoping I accomplish everything I set out to do but know that I’m missing things constantly. Bible reading is overlooked, chores are forgotten, and forget about exercise.

There is no shortage of blog posts out there telling all of us the benefits of routines. Most recently Crystal, from (one of my personal favorite blogs by the way), is struggling with this very area and sharing about her struggle with trying to get a morning routine going. Reading her post really hit home and my knee jerk reaction was to create a daily routine for myself and just stick to it…this time.

But then I remembered the many abandoned routines saved to my computer and decided another approach was in order. Instead of developing yet another ‘full scale attack’ daily routine, that I knew would be doomed before it began, I decided to take just my early mornings and address that time of day.  Once I have it working well, then I’ll move on to another area of my day etc.

Just. Take. Baby steps.

I’ve been setting my alarm so I have time to wake up and be ready about 30 minutes before the first child arrives for the day at 0700. Just to sit. Alone. And enjoy the peace of the morning. As wonderful as it has been, there are far better uses for that time. Now, I’m not talking about tackling some huge project, but reading my bible before I check my email [or scan my Facebook newsfeed] is probably a step in the right direction. Eventually I would love to get myself waking up early enough to go for a walk/jog in addition to my bible reading but I’m starting small, remember.

So my goal this week: make better use of the time I’ve already carved out.

My routine will [hopefully] look like this:

6:00 – wake up and get ready

6:30 – bible reading/quiet time

7:00 – check/respond to email

7:15 – prep breakfast

7:30 – serve breakfast

I’m hoping that success in this area will slowly spread into the other areas of my life also in need of some time management.  A little accountability definitely wouldn’t hurt… Will you join me?


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3 thoughts on “Morning Routines”

  • So you drew the short straw of the next post, huh?? 😉 Hehe. I’ve been working on this SAME thing since March (with pretty good success) but I think I might need to take it a step further and get up earlier because the kids keep getting up not too long into my reading and interrupt everything. The problem is, I’m a night owl and can hardly ever force myself to go to bed earlier! 😛 I’ll have to consider this more before I commit to an earlier start time…

    • I did! Haha. I have the night owl issue as well. During the school year I’m usually ok because Matt is usually up and to school early. The summer… well that is a different story completely! Mr. I can stay up til midnight and sleep til 9:30 makes the ‘early to bed’ part a little difficult. I’ve been doing well though!

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