My “Pin-spired” Outfit

PinterestThat pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?  I stumbled upon Pinterest a year or so ago and my goodness has it changed my life.  I’d like to say I’ve actually put a lot of what I’ve ‘pinned’ into practice but the sad truth is, I haven’t.  I’ve used many of the recipes and lots of the party planning stuff but everything else has remained on various ‘boards’ much like photos trapped on a digital camera. 🙂  So, I’ve decided to make a point to put some of the things I’ve found on Pinterest to good use.

Step #1… my wardrobe.  It’s sad, really sad, and my only excuse is that I spend my days surrounded by small children who really don’t care what I look like as long as I feed them and break up any fights that may occur during the day.  In addition, I don’t want their various bodily fluids to get on my few ‘nice’ things.  Taking these things into consideration over many years of childcare my standard ‘uniform’ of the day has become jeans or yoga pants and a t-shirt/sweatshirt.  Anyone who comes to my house on a daily basis can attest to this, am I right Sarah?


I told you it was bad!  To be honest, I would have continued in this manner probably forever but I realized one day, my poor husband has to arrive home from work every day and look at this.  Poor him.  🙂  Recently I started sneaking to my bathroom at nap time and touching up makeup and putting my contacts in as well as switching to something a little nicer if we have plans for the evening.  If not, he just has to deal with my ‘wardrobe’ because I’m trying to protect the few nice items I do have and he understands that and is ok with it.

There are times, however, that call for some nicer attire.  Church, date nights, or even a family day out call for cuter clothing choices and have ‘pinned’ many adorable ideas on my “Mommy clothes that aren’t ‘Mom clothes'” board. I’m no fashionista, I never have been, I’ve been a sweatpants/jeans and t-shirt girl since high school but I do give it a go every once in a while so I thought I’d share my latest attempt at wearing a ‘pin-spired’ outfit!  Here’s the outfit I pinned…

Pinspired Outfit 2

Hilary recently gave me a shirt almost exactly like that and I’m a fan of a dark wash jean so I figured I could pull this one off fairly easily.  So here’s my attempt… how’d I do?

Pinspired Outfit 1

I clean up ok, right?  🙂  The shirt was a hand-me-down from my little sister (my how the tables have turned) but originally from Old Navy and my jeans are also Old Navy.  I wore this to ‘pool school’ (no that’s not a joke) last night and got several compliments on the shirt so I think this one is a keeper.  I’ll be trying more ‘pin-spired’ outfits in the future and maybe the sisters will join in… once they’re not all pregnant!  Happy Pinning and remember…




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