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My Sanity Saver for the 2014-2015 School Year

It has arrived!!  I have been waiting anxiously for this little gem to arrive and on Tuesday I was living on the FedEx tracking webpage and specifically made plans to not go anywhere.  Ridiculous, perhaps?  But if you knew/know the amazingness of Erin Condren you would have done/did the same.

I mean seriously,  behold it and all of its glory…

EC Planner 1

I was introduced to Erin Condren by my best friend who has introduced me to everything trendy/stylish.  Before Joanna I was what one would consider a lost soul when it came to fashion and style.  She has been a complete and total blessing…has brought me into the present.  She ordered me what is now their “Life Planner” for a gift.  I honestly don’t know how I managed before that little beauty.  When I became a teacher, I switched to their teacher planner.  I am so organized with it and it is sooo cute you want  to carry it everywhere.  I actually carried it with me to my Professional Development day yesterday.  Did I need it?  -Nope.  But it does have a notes section, so I took it just in case I wanted to jot anything down.

If you are new to Erin Condren, she and her team create each of their pieces specifically for you.  They take their time, and it really does take time.  It is approximately 2 weeks to creation from the order date and then you have a range of shipping options.  The attention to detail is so incredible and completely worth every penny.  Each teacher planner is $59.00 with a  number of customizing options at an additional cost, depending on the add-on.  Everything in mine comes for the $59.00 “base” cost.  Some of the options you can add include: extra page protector, note pads, picture printed on the inside cover, and pen holder just to name a few.

They have made some changes over the years that have only made the planner more organized and beautiful.  Here is a quick snapshot of the two major changes.  This is a comparison between one of my old planners and the one I received for this year.

CompareContrast EC Binders

The tabs are every organized junkies best friend and the change up in the spiral binding material has made it even more durable.

This post could become so incredibly picture heavy, so to help with that I have created a few collages to help with the different parts of the planner.  I will explain what each part is rotating clockwise from the top left.  The outside of the planner is incredibly heavy-duty and holds up beautifully.

So, let’s take a look inside…

Parts of the Planner 1

Top Left: monthly calendar.  It’s a blank slate just waiting for you to pencil in all those very important dates. (I filled in August as soon as I unpacked it.  Yes, I have a problem, I think…)
Top Middle: Notes Section.  There is a notes section within each monthly section.
Top Right: Two-pocket folder in the back of the planner for all of those important notes you need to keep on hand.
Right middle: Ruler/Page marker.  This is new(er).  Each Planner comes with a matching page holder that can be moved easily.  There is a ruler on the other side.
Right lower: Ruler side of the page holder.  With an inspirational message. 🙂
Bottom middle: Blank event stickers awaiting your customization
Bottom left: Pre-created event stickers
Left middle: 2 page spread for “what’s going on in ________” (this is the same for each month)
Middle: Inspiration quotes throughout!!

Now for the next collage:

Planner Collage 2

Top left: Beautiful color throughout.  The beginning of each month begins like this with a different design.
Top right: Customized stickers.  (One of my FAVORITE things!!!)
Bottom right: yearly calendar on the inside back cover
Bottom left: resealable plastic compartment.  You will find your customized stickers in here, along with a discount coupon for your next purchase…woot woot!

Phew…all of that and I’m still not done.  There are so many other pieces to this planner; over 200 pages in fact!  Items that I did not photograph..

*Info page for you (All About Me)
*Classroom events & volunteers page
*Helpful hints for the substitute (ie: reliable student(s), “go-to” teachers, students with special needs, etc)
*A year worth of holidays and dates to remember
*”Happy Birthday” 2 page spread (All the months listed for you to record the dates of your student’s birthdays)
*Attendance section
*Graph pages for you to create your seating chart, organize your groups, etc
*Year at a glance: Long-range planning section
*Student checklist: for recording grades, projects, homework, etc
*Page protector

As you can see: this planner has everything you need to have a successful year in your classroom.  It provides superior organization while keeping you in style!   The front covers are customizable and only make it that much more personal.  While they do cost a bit more than the typical lesson planner, you get some serious bang for your buck.  Truly worth every. single. penny.

So, what should you do?…head over to Erin Condren’s page and order yourself your own sanity saver for this school year.  The current shipping date for items being order today are Sept 6th.  While that might be after your year begins – you won’t want to try and “manage” too far past that – so head on over there right now.  And, if you are a summer birthday – convince your husband (or yourself) that it is your birthday gift (that’s what I’ve opted to do).  Ha!  You will not regret it.

If you are an Erin Condren die-hard, what is your favorite thing from her? Comment below so we can check it out!

T-minus 7 days until school starts.

Is my room ready?  Negative ghost rider.

Am I mentally ready?  As much as I can be. 

Am I organizationally ready?  Ab-so-stinkin-lutely. Thank you, Erin Condren!

Happy Thursday!


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