National Mom’s Night Out Recap

The Domestic Four was elated to learn that we were selected to be one of the hosts for the National Mom’s Night Out campaign.  The Thursday before Mother’s Day, selected bloggers nationwide are chosen to gather a group of moms who need a well deserved girls night to have a kid-free, husband-free night.  Just what we need.

A few days before a wonderful box arrived at Danielle’s house that was filled to the brim with items to act as our kit for the party.  The kit included all sorts of goodies provided by the sponsors: a craft (wine glasses for painting and Tulip puffy paint compliments of My Printly), snacks (Chex, Cheezits, & Peppridge Farm Cookies), recipes (Three of which we tried, and loved.), a copy of the film Mom’s Night Out, game ideas, items to create a goodie bag for each guest from Bicycle Cards…the list could go on.  It truly was remarkable.

Once we found out we were selected, the planning began.  Danielle headed to the My Printly website and instantly fell in love with all of their Mom’s Night Out printables! I (Sam) knew that many of my overworked colleagues (teachers in the final crunch stages of the year) were very much in need of some girl time.  After divvying up our invites, we each set out to find our guests.  You can imagine the excitement of those asked to join.  A night without children (though we very much love each of them), snacks, painting, and chatting…who wouldn’t love that?!?!

The snacks we kept simple, and tried to create ones that were suggested in the information packet sent to us by the NMNO campaign.  Pepperoni bites, white chocolate drizzled popcorn (everyone LOVED this), spinach artichoke (minus the artichoke) dip, chocolate chunk cookies, Cheeze-its, and Chex mix (provided).

White chocolate drizzled popcorn (AMAZING) looking adorable in the My Printly popcorn boxes I printed!

Beverages were Hilary’s domain.  The kit came with Blue Hawaiian (a delicious looking frozen treat), while Hilary mixed up some dazzling cocktails.  I, Sam, had La Croix water.  And, Danielle, it was delicious…sorry you are not a fan.

Wine and two cocktail choices were offered in addition to the frozen Blue Hawaiian provided by the Mom’s Night out Sponsors! Check out that shaker cup, fun huh??

Most of the evening was spent painting the wine glasses provided by My Printly! One of my colleagues who attended was so excited about it, she began planning what she was painting on her wine glass (our provided craft) a week in advance.  I had to giggle.  And her cup was ah-mazing.  A true Pirates fan, she channeled that love and created a masterpiece.  She’s hoping it will bring them luck in the very near future.

Finished wine glasses!

We spent the evening creating, chatting, snacking, and more often than not – telling stories about our children.  You see, you can give us a night away from our kiddos, allow us some girl time without “mommy” on repeat 50 times before answering, even give us a grown up beverage…but we just can’t shake our kids.  They are very much our pride and joy, they are who we wake up for each morning and they are who made/make us Mom.  And while some days we are frazzled to the max, wearing yoga pants for the third time that week, and opting to sit outside so they have some play time rather than clean up the mess in the kitchen…we wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

Overall, a wonderful time was had by all and we’re so thankful to Mom’s Night Out and all the sponsors for helping to create a fabulous evening catching up with friends!

*We received free products in order to host the National Mom’s Night Out party.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


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