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Operation Disney Fund: Update #2 (Plus an awesome budgeting resource!)

Operation: Disney Fund

Hey all! It’s time for another Disney Fund update!

I meant to do an update at 1 month but I had kinda stalled out in my earnings and there wasn’t much to share, so I waited.  Things picked up, in a pretty big way, so I believe this business of building our Disney Fund is going to be a feast or famine situation, or so it seems.

In my last update I shared that I had added $428 to our Disney Fund, mostly though selling unwanted items and found money (Safe Driving Bonus, income from a side job, etc).  This update is going to feature some of the new ways I found to make money, ways that may seem a little odd but have paid off in a pretty big way!

First up, Ibotta!

This is the app that works like coupons but rather than taking the value off of your grocery bill you scan your receipt after shopping and it credits your account, closer to a rebate but it’s instant.  Because I do most of my shopping at Aldi I haven’t used this one a whole lot.  That said, there is a teamwork aspect to it and bonuses available if you purchase certain groups of items or a certain number of items each month. All total, I have made $50 to add to our fund. Not too bad for buying food we need anyway!

The next big one has been Swagbucks!

Thanks to kids with early bedtimes and naptime during the day, I have been able to do quite a bit of damage with Swagbucks.  I also convinced my husband to give it a try, he did it long enough to make one $25 gift card and called it quits.  I’ll be hanging in for the long haul. Annoying as it can be, I can’t argue with getting paid to take surveys while I watch TV at night.  So far we have made $110 into our Fund!

I also signed up for Ebates!

This is a cash back site that rewards you for shopping online… something I do a lot.  That said, we have been being super careful with our spending so I haven’t done a whole lot recently.  So far I have gotten $3 in rebates plus a $10 Walmart giftcard for signing up and making my first purchase. I used that for groceries and ‘cashed out’ $10 into my fund leaving me with a total of $13 to add to our fund.

Disney Movie Rewards Points!

If you buy Disney movies you MUST sign up for a rewards account.  All you have to do is enter that long code, that is in every movie you buy, into your account and you get points.  You can then redeem those points for different things, one of which is Disney gift cards.  I was able to redeem my points for two $10 gift cards adding $20 to our fund.

We also had some ‘found money’ this month.  We cancelled a no-longer needed insurance policy and received a refund of $47.  Because this money was budgeted and spent last year we added that money to our Disney Fund.  I had a bow sale on Etsy which netted me $6.75 after fees, we’ll file that one under “every little bit helps.” 😉 I also made the decision to begin selling Norwex (because I LOVE everything they offer) and figured it’s a great way to make ‘fun money’. For now, all of my commission is going to go right into our Disney fund and after our trip we’ll put it into an account to do fun things as a family.  So far I have made $240 in commissions that has gone directly into our fund!  All total, our ‘found money’ added up to a total of $293.73!!

Last but certainly not least, our Disney Dollars from our Disney Visa! Yes, we go against all budgeting gurus and have a credit card.  We made this decision because neither my husband, nor myself, have a spending problem.  We don’t spend money we don’t have and pay it off COMPLETELY every month.  We have had it since 2003 and have NEVER once paid interest on it.  We have, in that time, made close to $1000 toward our multiple trips to Disney.  For us, it’s a money maker.  Take it for what you will.  😉 Currently we have $133.06 Disney dollars in our account to be used toward our next trip.

All of those entries, plus the $428 from my first update, brings our grand total to $1,047.79 so far in our Disney Fund! I am so excited!

Now…about that resource.  I would be lying if I told you I figured this all out on my own.  Quite the contrary actually.  I have been a loyal follow of Kristin at Couponing to Disney for many years.

Couponing to Disney

I started following her during my couponing days, more for the coupon deals she posts not necessarily for the saving for Disney part.  When we didn’t get the tax return we had become accustomed to, I pouted (like a big baby) then went directly to her site and started reading.  I read A LOT! Then I started putting what I had read to work and that $1,047.79 is largely thanks to her!

On her website she shares so much information about budgeting and saving then shows you how to use those savings to pay for trips to Disney World or wherever your heart desires.  A good place to start is her “How to Start Your Fund” post where she shares a giant list of ways to make extra money.  I know she listed several I had never thought of! She also has a Facebook group called the SavEars where her followers share budgeting victories and different ways to build our funds together.  It’s a great community and I love being a part of it.

The most exciting part is her brand new Couponing to Disney Course!  Kristin compiled 5 ebooks… yes FIVE plus two printable binders that all work together as a fantastic budgeting resource to help you get control of your finances and achieve your financial dreams.

April 2016 Disney Fund Update

This resource is a perfect fit for those just starting out with a budget.  The books offer step by step instructions that walk you through creating a budget that will work for you, offer tips for how to stick to it (and even come in under budget), then use that savings  to build your fund of choice.  Like I said, perfect for someone new to budgeting but even seasoned budgeters, like myself and my husband, found many of the worksheets and forms provided in the printable binder extremely helpful.  She really thought of everything and I’ve very much enjoyed putting this amazing resource to work as I really dig in trying to build our Disney Fund.

Well, that’s all I have for now.  I’ll check back soon with another Disney Fund update and if you’re trying to build your Disney Fund, spend some time getting to know Kristin at Couponing to Disney!





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