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Operation Disney Fund: Update #3

Hello there, friends! I hope your summer is going well, we head to our second week of vacation tomorrow evening and I can’t wait for a week relaxing with family!

Today I’m going to give a quick update on our Disney Fund. As I mentioned in my last update, the adding to our Disney Fund is definitely a feast or famine situation. I’ll go two and three weeks with nothing then $100 or more will be added all at once. All that to say, don’t get frustrated if you’re trying to build a fund and hit a period of time where you can’t seem to add any money. Be patient, it will come. 🙂

Over the past several weeks I haven’t been able to spend much time, at all, on the apps that I shared in my first update. That said, I was able to have TWO yard sales with Sami so I made up for taking that break.

The recent additions to our Disney Fund are as follows…

Swagbucks: $100

Ibotta: $65

Inbox Dollars: $30

Note: This one is a VERY slow earner and one I’m not going to continue using.

Surveys: $40 (Found in Swagbucks but paid separately.)

Norwex Commission: $50

Yard Sales: $400

Found Money‘: $157.50

Update of Disney Rewards from Disney Visa: $279.90

This puts our total, since my last update, at $1,122.40 and a grand total of $2,037.13 since I started this journey of building our Disney Fund. I’m so excited and a little shocked at what I can accomplish in my free time and being careful with our finances.

My quick tip for this update is to look into the Disney Vacation Account.

While this option isn’t for everyone, Disney offers a free vacation savings account that you can add to with Disney gift cards!

This is great because, if you’re saving for Disney by collecting gift cards you will end up with a LOT of gift cards. Rather than having to carry all those cards around and risk losing them, you can enter them into a Disney Vacation Account (DVA) and simply store the empty cards ‘just incase’.

The bonus of setting up a DVA is that Disney rewards you for using those funds on a Disney vacation! For every $1000 you spend from the account on a Disney vacation, Disney sends you a $20 gift card to use on your vacation. Now, I recognize that’s only a 2% return but in our case that will be $60 of free money just for letting funds, we were planning to hand Disney anyway, sit in an account for a few months (money has to be in the account for at least 120 days).

Also, if something happens and you need to take money out of your account for any reason you may do so without penalty. Now, this is a great safety net but, should you remove the money for any reason they refund the money back to the method used to add to the account. So, if you added $1000 in Disney gift cards and $1000 via bank transfers and you request a refund, you’re going to get $1000 back into your bank and $1000 back onto a gift card. Just something to keep in mind if you’re building your fund by buying discounted Disney gift cards. 😉

I should also note that, though Disney is the world leader in creating magic and wonder, their IT often leaves much to be desired. I say that because, while every story I have heard was quickly resolved, other DVA users have reported various issues with the website. Again, all issues were resolved and I have not experienced any issues personally, but something I thought I should share.

Well, that’s all I have for today. If you have any questions or ideas for making some extra vacation money leave a comment!

Happy vacation saving!!!


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