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Our Formula for Happiness

Formula for Happiness

As many of you know, 4 months ago our family welcomed a new little bundle.  Charlotte has made life so very exciting.  She has been such a wonderful addition and has helped us get a grip on reality…again.

When we brought her home, life was bliss.  Like most newborns, she slept like a champ and was setting herself up on a wonderful schedule.  The only “thing” that differed from her and her older brother was that she had a “fussy” time.  I thought for sure I broke her.  Figured I had done something wrong one day and completely ruined the fabulous routine we were establishing together.  After talking to the three sisters that have gone before, they assured me that she was just tired of dealing with me for the day and wanted to go to sleep.

So, I heeded their wisdom, gave the little tot her final bottle, and wouldn’t you know it – to sleep she went.  For the whole night.  Until 5 am.  It was beautiful.  And, she was only 8 weeks.  Such a wonderful blessing for this working momma.  Spending my days with 21 seven and eight year old students – I need to be sure I am on my toes.

From that day, we have not looked back.

As many of you know, I am someone that loves routine.  It is part of my Type A personality.  Being a working mom, I crave routine because life must go on.  My kiddos need sleep, momma and daddy need sleep so they don’t lose their minds on their classroom full of students due to exhaustion…everyone needs sleep. Would I be different if I was a stay at home mom? Possibly – but I cannot predict that as I do not see that anywhere in the near future.  Blast those school loans. Ha!  There are days I sit and think that I would love staying home and the flexibility it brings, but then I look at my school bag and pile of papers needing graded and I am slapped back into reality.

When we came home from the hospital, with both of our newborns, we agreed as a parenting team that we would nap them in their cribs.  Our home is one level and basically the size of a match box – so this was completely doable.  It was also completely necessary for Little Miss, because she had Big Brother who was loud, and well – 2 years old.  We had a monitor in the nursery, left the door half way open, and as any parents do – we checked on babe about a million times.  She was put in her bed awake, and in moments drifted off to sleep.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there were days she fell asleep finishing her bottle or in the arms of a visiting friend or relative.  But, if given a percentage, she put herself to sleep 95% of the time.  I love to snuggle my babies, but I also knew that if they stirred during the night or at nap time, they would need to put themselves back to sleep.  So, our standard was swaddled, laid in bed, and checked on frequently.

Bedtime routine looked very similar: bath, bottle, swaddle, laid in bed (in our room until sleeping through the night) awake, and off to sleep she went.

At her 8 week appointment, our pediatrician asked what our bedtime routine looked like.  Now, he is “old school” in a sense.  He was our pediatrician and he and his retired partner literally saved our little brother’s life when he was just a wee one.  This man knows what he is talking about.  He cared for the 7 of us, and is currently the doctor for 7 of the 9 Domestic Four offspring.  When I explained it (and admitted that though she was sleeping through the night,I still had her in our room), he highly encouraged me to have her make the jump to her nursery for the night.

I tried it out, and all was well.  She survived, I survived – we all survived.  🙂

Later in the summer, I discovered something amazing with Gerber; they had hired a sleep consultant and offered appointments with her … FOR FREE.  Who doesn’t want help and for free?  So, needless to say, when I found out about this opportunity with Gerber – I bit.  I wanted to be sure that I was doing everything I could to help establish a routine and good sleeping schedule for my child; plus I wanted to see what the consult was like with the sleep consultant Gerber has partnered with.  I made my appointment (which is incredibly easy) and awaited her call.

Now, I totally missed the first appointment.  I had scheduled a time that I thought would be perfect, but things unraveled at school that day and I was delayed at work, therefore I was delayed getting my kiddos from the sitter, so I missed the call completely.  After rescheduling (all online here), I was set to have my chat.

When Christina called, for the second time, I was so excited to chat with her.  After I answered just 2 questions she asked to gain some background knowledge, our conversation began.  One of the things she asked me was to give her our schedule.  After I shared our routine, she replied with: well, it sounds like you have everything under control.  Ha.  That made this momma’s heart feel great.

So, I asked her what/how a typical conversation goes and what our readers could expect if they were to use this service. She explained that if they would share that baby is not sleeping, she would help troubleshoot as to why that might be the case.  She gives advice for things that are great to try and her sole purpose is to aid you in finding out what your formula for happiness looks like for you and your baby.  The greatest part about our conversation is when she told me WHY she became a sleep consultant.  Do you know why she did? She was in the trenches with us.  She had her babe on a great routine and he was a wonderful sleeper, but when he turned 2, all went to pot.  She needed assistance so she searched and found a sleep consultant. After her experience, she knew she wanted to help others who find themselves needing a person like she found.  And that launched her career, and now, her partnership with Gerber.

As we wrapped up our conversation, she explained that if the wheels ever come off for Little Miss I am welcome to visit the Gerber website, schedule a sleep consult with her here, and she would be delighted to help me.

I am in complete shock that this service is completely free.  So many times I have seen friends post on some social media outlet that they were struggling with finding their formula for happiness, and I am thrilled to now have a suggestion/answer.  What a great resource for all parents out there.

Our formula for happiness is not your formula for happiness…and that is a-ok.  We are tough on ourselves as moms, we are tough on each other, but we need to give ourselves some wiggle room.  Accept that how I have approached things that work for us is completely different than you might have – but, in the end, we have cared for our babies the best we could have.

And, if ever you find that you need help…please check into this great opportunity.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Have a great Wednesday!


Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Gerber and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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2 thoughts on “Our Formula for Happiness”

  • Wow! Wish I would have known about this when Gwen was a baby. She slept great until 6 months and then the switch didn’t sleep another full night until 19months!
    It’s was an awful time at our house, can’t tell you how many times I drove to work in a fog or fell asleep at desk at lunch!
    Aww the baby days! Miss the babies but not the sleepless nights!

    • Isn’t it amazing what they come up with. It is so helpful and super glad that it is there, but bummed for those of you that have gone before. Sorry for your sleepless night, momma…but she is one fabulous little girl. Well done, we’ll done.

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