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WARNING… this post is a bit of a deviation from our norm and definitely geared toward the ladies.

Gentlemen, well… read at your own risk.


So we all know by now that 2 of us girls are pregnant and about to pop any minute! We have graced you with all the cute things that have been happening with our pregnancies as far as showers and nurseries. Well, now it is time to get real… We all know that from about 37 weeks pregnant till about 2 weeks after giving birth, pregnancy is less than perfect… or cute for that matter. Our bodies start getting ready for labor and delivery and after that…..well, it’s just not pretty! One thing I learned with Amelia is that anything to ease any sort of discomfort was going to be something I locked away in my mind to remember for baby #2. Well here I am… baby #2 almost here, and started getting things ready for me, and my comfort for when I get home from the hospital. One thing I remembered with my first was how good the witch hazel soaked “tucks” they gave you in the hospital felt! So when I came across this idea on Pinterst, I knew I needed to remember this for any future children I would be having!!
These are very simple and quite inexpensive, and well worth it from what Kelsea said; who made these and used them after Baby E was born!!!
What you will need… (Overnight, or Large Maxi Pads, witch hazel, aloe gel (not sunburn relief, just 100% aloe)
I used equal parts of witch hazel and aloe (1 cup each)
Simply open it up, spoon a little of the mixture on top
Fold back up.
I then put 4 in each small Ziploc bag.
Put 16 total in large Ziploc bag

Place in the freezer, and you have a little bit of comfort for one of the most uncomfortable times of your life!!
Sorry if this is not useful for some of our readers, but for those of you who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant in the future, this is definitely something you should try; apparently it is life changing!! 
Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!!

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7 thoughts on ““Padsicles””

    • These were awesome! I would recommend you stick them in the fridge to “thaw” them, because straight from the freezer is an exciting experience to say the least! Haha! I was lucky with this last one, and had no tearing, so I didn’t need as many as I made, but I know they aided in the healing process with my sisters (Sami an Kels) and they both loved them as well! I’m not sure about the alcohol content in the witchhazel, I know the hospital (well mine does) gives you witchhazel soaked pads to put in that are to promote healing and so I would think that it wouldn’t pose much of a threat? But you can ask your dr I’m sure! The aloe is just an additional boost to help everything heal up nice and fast! I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, let us know!!!


    • Just wanted to input advice here as when I made mine I didn’t use alcohol free witch Hazel. I know on Pinterest many repins say not to use it, but I did anyway and it didn’t burn or affect me in anyway. Hilary mentioned the witch Hazel pads they give you in the hospital and I just checked mine – they contain alcohol as well. Good luck!

    • Hi Lauren! It sounds like you have a new addition to celebrate as well as all the very uncelebratory baggage that comes along with that bundle. 😉 We’ve all been there! In answer to your question, yes, you will need to pull each one out of the freezer 5min or so before you intend on using it so the cold doesn’t hurt your skin (some people just store them in the refrigerator instead to eliminate that step). They will work just like an untreated one but give you all the benefits stated. I hope this helps and congratulations friend!

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