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Patriotic Summer Wreath Tutorial

We know, we know it’s not even quite spring yet (ONLY 6 MORE DAYS!!!) but this patriotic wreath is just TOO cute and we wanted to get it up here in time for creation before it’s debut Memorial Day weekend! We’re also TOTALLY done with winter here in Central, PA and ready to kick it to the curb until next year. 😉 So, without further ado!

Summer Wreath Tutorial |

Growing up, we girls spent the majority of our summers in Ohio with our father’s mother and his family out there. It was one of the few times a year we actually got to see our Grammie, Aunt and Uncle, and cousins and we thoroughly enjoyed the time out there! One thing about our Grammie, she absolutely LOVES all holidays that involved celebrating our great country! Fourth of July is her ultimate favorite, I believe I spent every Fourth of July in my childhood with my grandmother, and it was always filled with wonderful food, sparklers and her very own fireworks display in her back yard put off by our father’s cousin and her next door neighbor. This being said, summer holidays have now become my favorite as well! I love the picnics, food, time spent with family and friends, and most of all, what they truly stand for!! I always knew that when I had my own house, my décor for the summer would involve American flags and LOTS of red, white, and blue! So here is my wreath that my home will be sporting for the summer, and how I did it!


Saw this Pin, and knew this was what I would be doing for my summer wreath, or a close version.
This is what I used, had the wreath (from Hobby Lobby) and then I purchased the “W” and flowers from Hobby Lobby as well. Had the paint and brush from a previous project!
I then painted the “W”
Then added the flowers to the wreath, I secured them with a little wire.


After paint dried, I then attached the wreath, and found the heart shaped flag in my junk drawer because Miss Amelia broke it off something, and I thought it was cute so I saved it, it went with the theme, so I slapped it on there as well!


Finished product! Very cute and ready for summer!
Hope you have a fantastic week!

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