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Pizza Cups

Today, these are being dubbed an appetizer… a few weeks ago they were dinner (along with some green beans and pineapple) and they’re an absolute favorite with my school age daycare kidos as a summertime lunch.  They’re really quite versatile, super fast and easy to make and quite tasty as well! I must confess… the pictures you’re going to see are me making them in a regular size muffin tin to be used as a dinner. While I was making these, in a tart pan to be used as appetizers for my little man’s Jake party, this past Saturday I got a little bit sidetracked and totally forgot to take pictures. Sorry ’bout that. For what it’s worth they were way cute and GONE before I even got to the table so I guess they were a hit!

To start…

You need some form of ground meat (hamburger/turkey etc) for the base, a can of biscuits, pepperonis (optional), and shredded mozzarella cheese.  Naturally to be ‘pizza’ cups one would think the best idea would be to brown some hamburger and add a small jar of pizza sauce.  Think again in this house! I’m sure that would taste great but because I introduced this meal to my family as a means to use up leftover sloppy joe meat, that is what I use.  I always plan to make these as a leftover meal on a week I make sloppy joes.  I get great bang for my buck and it gives me a super easy meal or lunch later in the week.  I have used Rachel Ray’s Super Sloppy Joe recipe (minus the bell pepper and vinegar) for several years now; it’s AMAZING and what my husband expects when he’s told we’re having pizza cups. Ok, on with the recipe!


That would be the very delicious Super Sloppy Joe meat all ready to be turned into pizza cups!

The process..

First you need to roll out your biscuits and press each one into the muffin tin.  Then I press a pepperoni into the bottom of each one.  I suppose you could also put the pepperoni on top, I’ve just always done it this way.  Not really sure why…



Then you’re going to spoon some of the mixture into each one and top with shredded mozzarella cheese.



Bake and enjoy!

Use the directions on the can of biscuits (about 10 minutes at 375) and wa-la! Yummy appetizer/lunch/weeknight dinner!


I’ll leave you with a few pics from last week but don’t forget to check back often this month. We have all sorts of fun up our sleeves and can’t wait to share it with everyone!!!


I just LOVE fall! This is my absolute favorite tree in my yard!
Look! my mums bloomed! My husband has such a green thumb! Does such an amazing job keeping our outdoor plants looking amazing!!!
Look what arrived last week!!! We’re on day 25 of our countdown, EEK! I can’t wait to write a post on our experience using our MagicBands!
My three hooligans all ready for trick or treat!

Have a great week!!!

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