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Preschooler Sticker Chart

Okay. We live in a world where I must preface that I feel children should have some responsibility on their shoulders in effort to keep them grounded. I love my children. Heart and soul. I’m thankful for their lives. With that said, raising children is a tremendous responsibility. One I don’t take lightly. I want my children to grow up understanding the value of hardwork, so even at the tender ages of 2 and 3 years old we have “chores.”

Plus, I am not the freaking maid in this house.

If you think this is too advanced for your kiddo or that it is “mean” and unnecessary – that’s okay! “You do what you do” for your family. For mine though?

I am not the freaking maid.

Anyway … My 3 year old woke up one morning insanely motivated by stickers. That afternoon we took her to the good ole Walmart and let her pick out stickers. She thought that they would just be used to stick all over the furniture (#preschoolerswhoneedJesus) and her dog (#seriouslyJesus). Much to her chagrin Mommy and Daddy had a plan.

A … Mommy’s not the freaking maid in this house plan.

Also, I really hate throwing food away and reminding this kid to wipe her booty. Dude. Com’on.

Big E’s sticker chart was born:


We have been at it for a week and she LOVES her stickers.

What do we have listed for our 3 year old?

First let me say that I’m the furthest from attachment type parenting that you could possibly get. My kids are insanely independent of me – and I am okay with that. So with that independence, the jobs might look a little more involved than for your little one. It’s okay! Do you, Boo!

DAILY Big E is required to – –

  1. Make Bed
  2. Get Dressed
  3. Feed & Water our puppy
  4. Wipe her own booty each bathroom trip
  5. Clean up toys & messes
  6. Eat (at least a little bit) at all meals
  7. Brush hair & teeth
  8. Listen & be polite & kind

ONCE A WEEK Big E is required to – –

  1. Help me clean the kids’ bathroom.

So you’re wondering … Does it work?

Thats a big heck yep, y’all!!!

That kid sprints to the fridge to put stickers on after she’s accomplished a job. She loves getting a high five for each job marked off the list. She even asks me, “What’s next on my chart, Mommy?!”

Here’s what I have noticed just in one week!

  • Her bed making skills have grown … Now if THIS is good, imagine what we started with! And no, we don’t fix it.

Preschooler Sticker Chart

  • She’s proud of herself. I love this one. So much. Her little face lights up when she gets a job done.

Preschooler Sticker Chart

  • She takes direction well. Which is totally her father in her. Clearly I had to teach her how to clean in the bathroom. She picked it up very quickly. Please note: We are a Norwex house, so she is not touching ANY chemicals and is perfectly safe.

Preschooler Sticker Chart

Preschooler Sticker Chart

  • She’s eating better. Can I get an “amen” preschool/toddler moms? Big E knows that unless she tries to eat a few bites at dinner she doesn’t get that sticker. My husband said, “Hey you know what I noticed since we started the chart? She eats at meals now.” Praise Him. On the eighth day God created, STICKER CHARTS!
  • The picking out her own clothes needs some work. Per evidence of the kid scrubbing the toilet in a watermelon dress. (She’s declared it is her favorite.) I actually had to talk her out of wearing a Doc McStuffins costume to the grocery. That was fun.
  • Finally, I have leverage. I have found the thing that motivates this kid to get the ball moving. If she isn’t focusing on a task, doddling around, outright disrespectful, unkind, etc. all I need to do is politely remind her what we are working towards. That sometimes we HAVE to do things we don’t want to do.

Now, it’s only been a week and I’m sure we will forget stickers someday (if she let’s us) or she’s sick and just down and out – we clearly won’t enforce the sticker chart.

Overall, it’s working. Big E is happy, we are happy, and …

Mommy isn’t the freaking maid anymore.

Well, almost.

Ins & Outs of The Sticker Chart:

  • It is merely a piece of poster board that I drew a very horrible chart on.
  • Stickers were purchased at Walmart. She has stars, smileys, and flowers. Each week we will swap them out. We grabbed Paw Patrol and unicorn stickers as well – she gets one of those for her big job each week. (Bathroom cleaning)
  • Tallying will be done this Friday. I should have done it last week, but I wanted to give her a full week first. For every chore/task completed she gets $0.15. Except her big job – she gets a whole dollar for that each week. ($9.40 for a perfect week.) Some will be saved for a big purchase, some she can use for anything she would like at her favorite store … Ollies or Target.

What are some areas your preschooler could be responsible for? Do you already have something like this in your home? Comment below!

Happy Thursday! Weekend is almost here!

– Kelsea


2 thoughts on “Preschooler Sticker Chart”

    • Hi Christine! Thanks for reading & commenting! I actually have not started a sticker chart with him yet. I have a goal to begin it within the next few months. He’s pretty good at taking orders and doing what is asked of him (right now). I imagine they’ll be similar to his sister’s jobs. Helping to clean up his room, one big job a week (currently he helps me wash dishes), pick up the backyard, clean up after he eats. Simple tasks that won’t be too laborious or I’ll have to walk him through each time!

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