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Product Review: Norwex Enviro and Polish Cloths

Miraculous…simply miraculous.

Yes, you read that right…a cloth that cleans like something from the heavens.  Best part – you only need water.  No soap, no harsh chemicals…nada!  I am so excited to share about this awesome product/company, and I hope that if you are not familiar with it, you would definitely check it out.  The products I am raving about today are the Norwex Enviro cloth and Polish cloth.  Let me preface by sharing how I came into contact with these amazing products.  A few months ago a dear friend of mine from college contacted me via Facebook asking if I would be interested in attending a Facebook web party she was hosting for a new company she started working with.  She explained that since starting as a consultant she was able to stay at home more with her little girls AND the products are human and pet friendly (double score!); so of course I was delighted to attend and help her out.  The videos she shared demonstrating the products were amazing. I am 99.99999% sure I was sold after the second video where she showed the results of cleaning with the Norwex Enviro cloth compared to other cleaners (3 of which were in my cleaning closet at that very minute..shh…).

It was very impressive.  Very eye opening and borderline scary, but impressive.

That night I placed an order for 3 things.  The enviro (every day) cloth, the polish cloth, and the glasses cloth.  (Lilli has me clean her glasses every time she visits my house because she loves how clearly she can see after we give them a good shine. Another story for another day.)  Anywho…back to the enviro and polish cloths.  It was about 5-7 days before they arrived.  I purposefully did not clean my windows.  Let me paint the picture for you – a window covered with dog breath, dog snout (read: snot), and Brandt slime.  Needless to say, my windows were a MESS and I was embarrassed.  But I wanted to see the quality of this product.  Just to make sure it really did clean the gross and slime from my windows.  It was about 5 seconds into using them and I was a believer.  I literally ran the cloth under the water, rang it out a bit, wiped the window with the cleaning cloth and then ran the purple polish cloth over to give it a shine.


Now, I do not have a picture of that fateful window…I was not in full blogging mode; aka – photographing everything.  So, for you readers – I allowed my windows to grow grossness.  Just to show you the power of these cloths.

Without further ado…

The subject: The sliding glass door.  This leads to Cooper’s small fenced in haven and is right beside Brandt’s high chair. Needless to say – it sees the worst of the worse.

Those long white streaks/droplets – Brandt’s milk from when it falls from his highchair.


A close up. Yep – pretty nasty!

To clean I collected the two cloths needed.  1 – enviro cloth to wipe down with.  2 – the polish cloth to shine.

I first began with enviro cloth, giving everything a good scrub down.

IMG_1392Then I took the purple polish cloth to give it the shine.  **This is not necessary, the enviro cloth gives it a great look – this just tops it off.**

domesticfournorwex4And, I give you…the finished product…

Super beautiful, right?


I just can’t even stand it.

I love these products.  Not only do I love them because they save me time, but they also save me money.  I will say they are not found at the local dollar store or super center for a reason.  They were a bit more expensive, but the amount I’m saving in purchasing cleaning supplies helps offset it.  And the level of health it brings to our home is priceless.  The first day I ever cleaned the windows using these cloths, Brandt immediately went to the window – placed both hands on it as support and began licking the glass.  Full on licking.

Screenshot_2014-10-29-22-09-16This is why I am so glad I went with Norwex cloths.  No chemicals means no worries about this happening.  I was never a “freak” about chemicals until this little came along.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I Clorox the heck out of my student’s desks when they go home at night, I love the smell of a bleach cleaned bathroom (my nose makes my mind scream clean), and the shine of a freshly dusted end table is a sight I love to see.  But…when this is what happens on reachable surfaces…I depend on Norwex.

The cloths are antibacterial and they leave the least amount of protein on a surface (one of the most difficult things to remove).  During the demonstration a chicken breast was smeared on a counter top.  It was sectioned off and cleaned with different chemicals.  After the area was ‘cleaned’, fancy testing tubes with q-tips were run across each ‘cleaned’ surface.  Norwex won in a landslide…no competition.

I encourage you to check into these products.  My dear friend’s name is Laurel.  She is a delight and a fabulous consultant that can answer any question you might have.  The link to her site can be found here. If you know of anyone that is currently expecting, a frazzled mom that needs to make sure surfaces are kiddo friendly, a family with a pet that just LOVES to lick the windows, or a down right “neat freak”…these products would make a winning Christmas present.  You can get in contact with Laurel via her website.

Because we at thedomesticfour, along with Laurel, believe in these products, she has graciously agreed to offer up an enviro cloth for a giveaway.  The lucky winner will have this product in their home by the madness that is Thanksgiving. Just picture it…wooing your guests with your incredibly clean and safe surfaces.  Every hostess’s dream.  The giveaway will begin in 2 weeks.  Be sure to enter our giveaway for the Christmas cd here , and be on the lookout for the Norwex Enviro cloth giveaway.  You really do not want to miss it!

Happy almost November,



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