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Product Review of Classroom Friendly Supplies’ Sharpener

I am so excited about today’s post.  As the school year was coming to a close, I was taking a mental break one evening and zoning out to the million and a half education pins on Pinterest.  You know, pinning for the start of the 2014-2015 school year.  Vacation? Break?…are you kidding!?!  There is no such thing in my vocabulary.

During my search, I noticed a pin with the caption, “world’s best pencil sharpener”.  After about 2,343,987 flashbacks to the nightmare that was pencil sharpening in my classroom this year, only to have every pencil break 2.4 seconds after sharpening, I had to check this out.

I bit and there was no turning back.  I was sucked in.  After reading the blog that was linked with the pin, I went to the website.  This website and began to research the product further.  During my search, I thought, “The Domestic Four would be a great place to review this product!” After contacting Tony, it was set.  I was selected to complete a product review and share it on here.  I was tickled pink.  The color of my sharpener was selected, mailing address submitted,  all that was left was to wait for its arrival.  (P.S. – it came VERY quickly!!)

The day it arrived, glory halleluiah!  I was like a kid on Christmas.  I think that I might have annoyed my husband with the number of times I pulled it out of the packaging and just looked at it.  Oh well.  I’m a major nerd, and I embrace that with my whole being.

With that, let’s begin the review.  This is how the product arrived inside the brown mailing box.  Safe, sound, and simple!  IMG_1031

Sharpener and the vice for securing it to a surface

After securing it to my dining room table, I prepped the test pencils that I would be using.


The test subjects: Ticonderoga (my favorite pencils), Graphite from Dollar General, “cheapy” gift pencils.
And not to leave out the previously sharpened ones to see how they fared with this machine.

To begin, pull the front metal plate out.  It will automatically hold itself in place with the top support arm.


Squeeze the two black pieces on the front of the sharpener together.  Place your pencil through the holes and release the black pieces.  This holds your pencil in place.



Hold the top of the sharpener and begin to turn the crank.  Your pencil will begin to feed into the sharpener and the greatest feature of all…it will stop sharpening the pencil automatically, when it has reached its supreme length!

All finished!

Pinch the black pieces again and remove your pencil.


You should end up with something that looks like this.  Incredible, right!?!


Here is a Tri-Write Ticonderoga.  A colleague (Kindergarten teacher) uses these with her students and asked if I could test it out.  She is very interested in getting a sharpener for her room.


I mean…look at these beauties!  My dad and two of my brothers tried to push as hard as they could and “scribble” and just a tip of the end snapped off.  Unlike the entire tip when my students would put the slightest amount of pressure on the pencil.  One student, during one of the last days of school, exchanged his pencil FIVE times in 10 minutes, I kid you not!  And I promise, it was not his fault.


Tony even offers large hole sharpeners for those that have larger than standard pencils.  You can find them here as well.  I know that this post is “teacher heavy,” but this little gadget would serve a great purpose in your home as well.  For those nights you are scrambling for anything with a tip to complete your student’s homework at the last minute, only to find everything broken!  If you had one of these, your pencils would never be without the most precise point.  Homeschooling moms and dads – this would come in handy during your schooling hours, for sure!   You could even purchase one of these as a gift for your student’s teacher. (hint, hint!)  You gift this to your child’s teacher and they are going to score some MAJOR brownie points…not that we do that.  I promise, we don’t!

Husband and I are fans.  Yes, I said HE was a fan.  See, he is a teacher too and embraces my weirdness at times…because truth be told, he is stranger than I.  We are going to be purchasing 3 of these.  One for him to take to his classroom, one for me, and the third is going to be a giveaway on the blog the first week of August.  Yes, you read that right.  One of our lucky readers will WIN one of these during a GIVEAWAY in August.  Be sure to be on the lookout for that post.  You will not want to miss it.  For those of you wanting to purchase one (or more of these) for your classroom, visit Tony’s website and place your order.  Shipping is free and be sure to use this access code to get 5% off!!!  YJNCA  The code is good until Sept 10 and is specifically for those ordering your sharpener from this post.    Word to the wise: the more you purchase, the less each item costs.  Teachers: there is a purchase order option…if you want to try convincing your administration.  I love this item.  I would most definitely rate it at a 100%…seriously.  I am so excited to use these in my classroom next year.  I hope others of you have been inspired to do so as well.  You will not be disappointed.

For those of you wondering if this is kid friendly, I leave you with a few stills of Danielle’s daughters testing it out, as well as a video Lilli created with me to show you the ease of the machine and the quietness of this hand-cranked sharpener.  Lilli is a major nerd…she had to be told to stop.  And Reagan, well, she just thought it was cool.  Lilli is going into 3rd grade and Reagi is going into 1st.  As always, any questions – do not hesitate to ask.

IMG_1051 IMG_1052













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