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Project Organization for Baby B’s “Closet”

I took some heat with this post from the padre and Husband.  I have a slight case of OCD, self diagnosed with my bachelor’s level Psychology degree. With that said, Baby B has been blessed with some really great/cute clothes and of varying sizes.  Since there is not a closet door to shut and hide his clothing, I needed to show that there is a bit of organization to his make-shift closet.  Enter my brain child… “size organizer labels.”  This is when the “heat” started to come.  One of them even suggested that I just go and ask a store for them.  They received a roll of the eyes and something along these lines… “A – I need a blog post for this week and B – they would not be nearly as cute.”

With that, I give to you my size organizers for Baby B’s closet.  Please note: in the pictures you will notice that I am missing the “3-6 month” label.  Danielle brought this to my attention.  And here, I was wondering why I had extras.  Everything has been corrected and all labels are properly hung.

Here is a picture of his “closet” pre identification labels.


The first thing you will want to do is gather your supplies.


Cardboard, decorative paper of your choice, pencil, sharpie, scissors, item to trace to obtain your shape, and not pictured: glue

From here I began to trace my circles onto the cardboard.  I then selected the paper/pattern I wanted to use and traced my shape onto the paper as well.  I made 2x’s the paper circles so I could cover and front the back of the identification tags.





Once I finished tracing, I cut out each circle.  To attach the paper to the cardboard, I placed a thin layer of glue on each side of the cardboard disk.




IMG_0505All set, now to wait as they dry…

When the glue had finished drying, I sketched out the shape/area that needed removed to allow me to place them on the rod, but small enough that they did not spin once placed on the rod.  You will need to adjust accordingly.


Very carefully, cut along the lines that you drew.  The cardboard might flex/bend a bit. Since they will be replaced in a few short months with toddler clothes, I was not too concerned about “bends” being visible.  IF you are concerned about this – a box cutter or X-acto knife might be the route you choose to ensure no visible bends. When you have finished cutting, grab your sharpie and go to town giving each one their “label”.



Notice my 3-6 month label missing…No worries, it has been corrected! 🙂 

When you have finished being “artsy” with your handwriting, place the identification tags in their appropriate place.  Here are a few snapshots of Baby B’s newly labeled “closet”.  We are quickly outgrowing our NB and moving onto the 0-3 month section of the closet.  Yay!




I leave you with an updated picture of the happy boy.  He’s learning to like his baths, thankfully.  We were to the doctor today and he’s put on some weight and grown .5 inches since birth…we’re pretty excited.


Wishing you a fantastic Thursday!  Until next week…


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