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Quick Soft Curls

NOTE: This post contains pictures taken with my iPhone. Right before I went to begin my camera battery died. I apologize beforehand!

As a child I hated my hair being touched. Allegedly.

I say allegedly because I think my mom may just be exaggerating a little bit. (Yeah, I’m talking to you, Tam.) What little girl likes having her hair brushed? Especially when you’re the 4th girl in line to have her hair brushed and by that point your mom is so pissed and grumpy that you get the brunt of that frustration. I mean really … Four girls in a row. “Ouch, mom!” “No! I want a ponytail!” “No, I want a french braid!” “MOM! I HATE TOPSY TAILS!” 

It’s only natural that when you got to the 4th one in line and you were angry brushing that I would squeal like a pig about to be slaughtered.

So my mom took me for a haircut and this is what happened …


I will spare you the obnoxious comments that I received from pretty much everyone regarding this haircut. Even my own siblings made fun of it. Pixie cut on a fat 5th grader? Nope. Not the most appealing of haircuts.

But I didn’t have to deal with this haircut just in 5th grade. No. This horrible haircut found its way to me in the 1st grade.


Dear Mom, you’re a jerk. Love Always, Kelsea.

So I spent my 6th grade year growing my hair out which actually meant it grew into this awesome, ridiculous mullet. My 7th grade picture I not only had a mullet with cornrow topsy tails in the front but it was a nice brassy blonde straight out of a box. Because I mean, it’s not like I didn’t have enough embarrassment being chubby and having a mullet … no. I needed to box dye my hair blonde.

Oh and in that picture one of my eye teeth is sticking out of my smile so I look like I have a snaggletooth.

You’re wondering how I survived grade school and middle school?

Me too.

Anyway from 7th grade (after I cut my mullet) and on I grew my hair. And then I would cut it into a bob. Then I would grow it. And then I would cut it. Then I got married and my husband, the hair twirler he is, loves my hair long.

And after my traumatic hair incidents in the past I also prefer my hair long.

Hold on … I need a minute to curl up in the fetal position, suck my thumb, and ponder my childhood.

Well, for the past year or so I have had a few requests for a tutorial on how I do my hair. I’ve been wearing my hair this way since high school. Simply because my texture of hair is weird. I can’t just “blow it dry” and have it looked polished. It doesn’t air dry straight and smooth either. It definitely needs some taming. Well, I discovered its 50 times faster to curl my hair than it is to straighten it. Plus, I did live in North Carolina for a good chunk of my past few years and that humidity does not pair well with straight hair. This hairstyle I can still pull off on a ridiculous humid day.

I really, really love this hairstyle now that I’m a mom, too. It doesn’t take me more than 10-15 minutes to do. Plus, I don’t wash my hair every day (see below) and this is pretty much how you’ll find my hair styled most days (greasy, gross bun) – so it is nice to be able to have a quick hairstyle that will make me feel a little more glamorous.

So here we go!

First a few tips/pointers I should mention –

1) If you have virgin, unprocessed, silky smooth and straight hair you WILL need product to hold these curls all day (I recommend dry shampoo – see below). My hair is damaged from years of bleach and dye and heat. My hair holds curl fairly well.
2) I only wash my hair every 3 days or so. I also allow my hair to air dry because I shower at night after I put my kids to bed. I believe this affects the outcome of the hair significantly. I have noticed that when I dry my hair and immediately style the curls will not hold well – at all.
3) “Dirty” hair is your friend. Learn the art of dry shampoo and you’ll be able to pull this style off with ease.
4) DO NOT USE hairspray. I have found that using hairspray (even if it says it has “flexible hold”) results in crunchy, gross curls that look horrid at the end of the day. The object of this style is soft, flowing curls that have good body. I use dry shampoo in lieu of hairspray. I simply spray it all over my head and brush through prior to curling.
5) Use a curling iron appropriate for your length. Because mine is fairly long I stick with either my 1 1/2″ or 2″ barrel. This style works no matter the length of your hair so long as you choose the right barrel size.

hairtutorialcollage Yes, it’s only a few steps.

1) Make sure your hair is good and brushed through. No need to section off your hair unless you have very, very thick hair.
2) Grab 1″ to 1 1/2″ sections and curl away from your face.
3) Work from front to back, but make sure to have a few tighter curls towards the front and in your top layer of hair.
4) After all of the curls are completed look through and see if you may have missed any strands or if you would like to add a few more tighter curls.
5) Brush through your hair with your fingers. Don’t pull too hard, but don’t be too gentle. You want to marry all of the curls.

You can finish with a “flexible hold” hairspray … if you must. But usually I just let mine go. Totally your call!


Hopefully you enjoyed this! Any questions post in the comment section below.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go look at old pictures of my unfortunate hair days and drown myself in a bottle of wine.

Just kidding, I’m a mother. I’ve gotta go feed the children before they unite and drown me in the bathtub.

Happy Tuesday!


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