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Reversible Letter Blocks Tutorial

Reversible Letter Blocks Tutorial |

Letter blocks, they’re kind of everywhere and for the first time I have kitchen cabinets that don’t go the whole way to the ceiling.  This lovely space happens to be the perfect home for such an adorable decoration.  During my chill out time (aka scrolling through Pinterest) I found these adorable blocks.

Made by Candies Country Crafts – Etsy Shop

I thought they would be perfect because I could put them up for fall and with a simple flip/rearrange they could stay til the New Year! The prices actually weren’t bad (this set is only $26+ shipping) but I wanted to see if I could pull them off myself so this conversation happened with my little brother.

The Domestic Four

That was followed by the above picture so he knew what I was wanting to accomplish and my sweet little bro arrive just a while later wood scraps in hand! Well, when that plan worked out I searched through my craft supplies for paint, I was shooting for free on this project.

Reversible Letter Blocks Tutorial

Score! Little brother cut them for me, my step father sanded them so we’d have a nice smooth surface to work with, and I had the paint laying around. This was actually super easy… for me anyway.

You see… I don’t have the most steady hand so I enlisted Sami on this one.  She free handed the letters and did an amazing job! If you’re like me you’ll want to get yourself a pattern of some sort but she just wrote them with pencil and went over each letter with the paint and a very small brush. First though, I painted each block in the three colors I had on hand… yeah, I did a little bit of the work.

Reversible Letter Blocks Tutorial

Then Sami went to work on the letters.

Reversible Letter Blocks Tutorial



And the finished product…



Fun huh? I was so pumped and thankful for the help of my sister!

Have you had any fall fun? We visited Harvest Fest this past weekend at a small local amusement park.  It’s always a nice family day and the kids love the rides.  Because I realized that I’m never in any pictures, I’m always behind the camera, I’ve been working on my group selfies… enjoy! 🙂  ~Danielle

Harvest Fest | Harvest Fest | Harvest Fest | Harvest Fest | Harvest Fest | Harvest Fest | Harvest Fest | Harvest Fest | Harvest Fest |

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