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Today’s post has to be one of my favorites.  I am delighted to have had the opportunity to review Bowflex’s Body products.  I am pleased to announce that I found their products wonderful and delicious.

Bouncing back is hard after baby.  It just is.  I was very careful throughout my pregnancy about what I ate, I stayed active, and according to my 2nd grade students (who scored an absurd number of class bathroom breaks)…I drank enough water to float away.  I slathered my stomach in every lotion/oil available to avoid stretch marks, to no avail, and honestly I cannot tell you how much weight I gained.  Not because I do not want to divulge that number, but because honestly I don’t know.

Why? Because I. Hate. Scales.  I would roll my eyes and turn red every appointment out of embarrassment that I had to stand on one.

Overall, I felt great.  All lab work was wonderful, I sailed through my gestational diabetes test, amazing blood pressure the entire time…all in all, it was stellar.  I just loathed the scale, and 100% honest – hated that the number was growing as much as my stomach.

I’ve never bought in to the “you are eating for two”‘ philosophy. I ate a bit more than I would pre-pregnancy, but nothing outrageous.  I didn’t have any crazy cravings, no need to send Hubby for late night double cheese burger runs, nothing.  I mean, I lived and died by Tums and had HORRIBLE cramps in my legs every. single. night.  But, all in all, pregnancy was easy.

I knew that I wanted to bounce back quickly after I had her.  I had a mental count down until I thought I could reasonably work out after delivery.  I knew I wouldn’t be pulling on my pre-pregnancy jeans 4 days after having her (yes, I know someone that was able to do that…crazy and kudos to them), but I wanted to start pretty soon out of the gate to ensure I would be back to my “normal” self as quickly as possible.

We came home, I was careful about what I ate, stayed mobile (definitely helps in speeding up recovery) and committed to myself that I would begin a good workout regiment when I felt ready.

At three weeks postpartum I started.  I felt great, was healed, and knew that if I felt different, I would back off.  I committed to working out for 30 minutes a day and using the wonderful products Bowflex had sent.

The day I received the samples in the mail was very exciting.  I tore open the packaging like a kid opening a gift on Christmas. (I might have problems.) This is what I found…


Snazzy, right? What was inside was even more exciting…


Excuse the missing package. I totally forgot to take a picture before I broke into my first drink. The missing spot held the Peanut Butter Protein mix-in. (..It was delicious…)



Wonderfully, informative literature about each product!

After reading over the information, I planned out my 5 days of use.  I decided to stretch it out, using one sample a day for my first week back in action. Here’s how it went…

Day 1 – Vanilla protein powder + peanut butter protein shake boost.  I decided to bite on the whole mixing with water thing rather than milk. I drank it, but I most definitely prefer protein drinks mixed with milk.  I drank this after my workout as one of my snacks for the day.

Day 2 – Vanilla protein powder + the chocolate fat burner.  This was most definitely mixed with milk and my word was it delicious.  I also consumed this one after a work out session.  The flavor was fabulous and I am hopeful that it did help me burn some additional fat as we know that it was not a miracle drink and my extra jiggle didn’t just disappear in an instant.  That. Just. Doesn’t. Happen.




Day 3 – Last packet of vanilla protein powder + the berry antioxidant packet mixed in.  This was delicious.  Like whoa!  I am definitely a chocolate girl.  Any time I have purchased protein powder, chocolate is the flavor of choice.  I have to say, the vanilla powder was great and this berry packet really kicked it up a notch.  I was thoroughly impressed and saddened when it was over.





Day 4 (really day 5) – Water + Pre Workout Energy mix.  This proved it’s weight in gold. Let me be honest, I did not work out on day 4.  We got insanely busy moving rooms in our house (another post for another day), but I was beat by the end of the day.  So, I skipped working out.  Instead, I slept…afterall I had a 2 am wake up call from little girl headed my way.  So, day 5 – not wanting to neglect my workout program I did two 30-minute videos.  Yes, you read that right, and yes I could hardly move.  So…I decided that the energy mix would be a great option.  Perhaps give me that little extra “boost”.  And boy did it.  Now, I wasn’t transformed to some crazy athletic guru, but I was able to make it through both workouts.  I still felt it at the end, but honestly – not like I would have had I tried without this mix.  I am a fan.




Day 5 (actually 6) – Water + daily energy.  I mixed this up and drank it pretty much first thing in the morning.  Before this, I drank some plain water, as per my usual routine. Not only was this very tasty, I felt that it did give me a boost in energy.  Adjusting to life as a mom of two, one a month old the other 2 and in the trenches of potty training, plus trying to tackle a very long to-do list because school is starting soon and as teachers we need to knock everything out before we go back…energy is something that I do not take for granted.  This helped.  It was a great flavor too.  I went hard all day and didn’t look back.




The passion fruit flavor…superb!

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with each product.  The only “regret” I have is that I didn’t mix the first shake in with milk.  Mixing with water just isn’t for me.  I liked that there are various options and “boosters” that Bowflex offers to “kick up” your typical protein drink.  For most of us, we have a giant bag or plastic cylinder of protein in our kitchen, and only having that flavor option.  Bowflex Body hit the nail on the head by offering the add-in packets.  Want chocolate and to burn some extra fat today, but an antioxidant kick the next day because flu season is around the corner…Bowflex Body offers that option.

Simply fabulous. If you are interested in reading more, or perhaps snagging some of this for yourself, check it out here (This is the protein products.)  Just interested in the energy drinks, this is for you.  Not sure and want to try them all for yourself, you can actually purchase a sample pack (what I had) here. I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Each drink is packed with great for you nutrition and is one of those “healthy things” that actually tastes great.  Be sure to check Bowflex Body out!

And…if you are interested in committing to making a change in your life and would like to join our #30days2fitwithtd4 jump on Instagram and join in!  It takes just 21 days to create a habit, we’re going 30 because we are over achievers.  I kid, it is just because a month is a reasonable time to set a challenge and have the accountability to stick to it. That’s all were trying to do…offer a community of accountability while we make the change to be healthy…each and every day. Danielle explains the reasons behind the challenge, if you missed it…be sure to check it out and join in on the fun.  There are still just under 8 hours in the day to join us on day 1!! Hope you will.

Hope you had a great start to your week.  Just 4 days until the weekend…


This post was sponsored by Bowflex. I was granted complimentary Bowflex Body samples in return for my time in creating this post. All opinions are my own.


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