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Ribbon Topiary Tutorial

Today we’re going to take a look at how I tackled this adorable idea I found on Pinterest not too long ago.  Shara from Palmettos and Pigtails is the creator of the one floating around Pinterest and this is my take on it.  I will warn, I grossly underestimated the amount of time, and ribbon, it required.  I set out to make two, and only one was made.  You could probably help this by choosing a smaller foam ball but I wanted a certain size so one is what we have.  My project started with a trip to Michaels and a 25% off coupon! Yay!


To begin you’ll need the following supplies…

A foam ball, some type of container to set it in (I chose clay pots), a dowel rod, ribbon in colors of your choosing, and a way to attach the ribbon, I started with push pins but quickly ran out so I switched to my glue gun.

You’re going to start by cutting your ribbon.  I thought 30 5″ pieces would work… boy was I wrong.  Laughable really.  After lots of experimenting, LOTS, I found that smaller pieces of ribbon work much better.  Mine ended up being about 3 1/2″ each and my finished topiary has probably close to 100 pieces on it.

Tip #1: I started by using the push pins, which I liked because I could move them around if necessary but when I switched to the glue gun I realized that was better because I could tuck them in closer to each other and they didn’t fall off when I turned it upside down. Trust me, this is huge!

Tip #2: You’ll want to pre-roll your ribbon pieces.  It took way longer to pick everything up and put it down for each roll.  Once I started rolling them in bunches I started moving along more quickly.


Placing them is actually kinda fun, even for a Type A personality.  I admit, I kept trying to put them in a pattern but I resisted and am thrilled with the result.



And next to the matching diaper cake…


Perfection!  We’ll be doing a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower wrap-up next week where we’ll show all the fun food ideas and games so stay tuned!


I entered this in the “June Pinterest Challenge” over at My Favorite Finds.  Tons of cute ideas, check it out!!!

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