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Rustic Ladder Shelf

Hello to all! I’m gonna make this short and sweet as I am currently fighting a horrible cold, have a 22 month old with ear infections, a 3 year old whining at my feet, and just received a text from my husband with the words “I think I’m getting sick” in it. Glass of wine anyone? Its 5:00 somewhere, right???

Oh! And to top it all off, this girl turns 4 on Monday and a Princess Birthday Party is in store for this weekend with approximately 40+ in attendance because my husband and I are both from large families and we share a hometown! I love it, its just a little crazy and a lot to get done between now and then!

Anyway, on to the post!  I’ve been in my house now for almost 3 years come this fall, and I did hardly any decorating. The area of the house that needed the most help was my kitchen, I knew I wanted to paint it eventually so I didn’t get too into the whole hanging stuff up just to take it down. Well, I was sick of blank walls and couldn’t take it anymore, plus my step dad gave me a sweet rustic looking ladder that I know would be PERFECT for the shelf behind my table.

I would consider my decorating taste rustic country.  I’m not into the primitive country with the reds and the blacks and barn stars everywhere, but more of an old rustic piece with some modern accents. Kelsea made me a set of these stars for my home and they are the only 2 stars that will ever be in my house, but they simply in just one piece describe my taste and set the whole tone for my home. I simply love them and knew one of them had to be a focal point on my shelf.


I saw this shelf on Pinterest a while ago and used it as a template for this project.

Here is the finished product, I love it so much, and get complements on it all the time.  Who would have thought such a neat thing could come from a ladder and a bunch of stuff you had laying around your house!!! Love it!

Have a great Thursday and even better weekend!!




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