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Seasonal Cake: Autumn


Alright. Let me get this spiel over with so that I don’t catch MAJOR flack for what’s about to happen …

  1. This recipe uses a cake mix. I know. Shun me all of you scratch bakers. Shun me!
  2. This recipe contains pumpkin. Please don’t egg my house this evening and leave in a fury with shouts of, “IT’S NOT FALL YET YOU BASIC IDIOT!”
  3. I’m a blogger. Therefore … I have to post this in advance of what you plan on using it for. You’re welcome.

So, my sisters and I have this secret cake in our arsenal that we’ve ripped out from time to time. It was given to us by a friend from college and we reach for it every single time we need a simple recipe that really wins in flavor.

Let me tell you how good this cake is …

My dad turned 60 this past winter. (He’ll kill me if he finds out I posted that here…) He’s a yellow cake and chocolate frosting type of guy, but truth be told, I really didn’t feel like making a cake and dealing with the whole frosting thing. Did I mention that I used to bake and decorate cakes out of my home for about a year? And that I had to bake 24 cupcakes a few days after his “party?” I digress. Of course I whipped out this cake recipe because … duh. Easy. Tastes incredible.

My dad took one bite … “Oh. My. Gosh. This is so good!!!!

And then I looked across the table to Sami’s son literally inhaling his slice. I mean using his hands and his fork. Furiously shoveling it in.

My dad refused to take any of his birthday cake home with him because he knew he would sit in front of the TV that night and eat the rest of it. No shame. (We get our sweet tooth honest.) But … the next day he shows up and he’s standing there eating the cake. From the cake plate. “This cake is so good!!! I need you to give Kim (his wife) the recipe!

And there you have it. The cake grew in fame and now resides in our family as “The Cake.”

So my sisters and I were texting the other day per usual. I threw out the idea that we make The Cake the “Seasonal Cake” because all ingredients are easily changed to meet your seasonal requirements.

But hold your horses there, folks. You’re going to get this one season at a time.

May I introduce … The Seasonal Cake: Autumn Style



Semi-sweet chocolate.

German chocolate.



Add this one to your Thanksgiving menu. Add this to your Halloween party menu.

Heck … add this to your Monday night menu.



Please, give me a minute to stare at my computer screen and ponder life choices.

For one …

Why do I eat savory food at all?

Who said dessert can’t be my main source of food?

What if it’s possible that science hasn’t discovered that eating desserts every single meal actually, eventually, possibly leads to lean bodies and healthy hearts?

It’s possible guys.

I need you to keep the faith.


You ready for this simple recipe?

Ready to weep openly in your kitchen and regret life choices like making this cake and then soon discovering you have to give it away or eat it all in the dark in utter shame?

Been there. Done that.

They gave me no t-shirt.



Seasonal Cake: Autumn

Seasonal Cake: Autumn


  • 1 box Pumpkin Cake Mix (I found mine at Target, you can find them at Walmart as well.)
  • Ingredients needed for Pumpkin Cake Mix*
  • 1 small box vanilla pudding, unprepared**
  • 1 1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 3 oz German chocolate, chopped (found in baking aisle near chocolate chips)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Notes:
  • * Cake mix will be mixed according to box directions and then additional ingredients will be added.
  • ** Vanilla is the best option as it doesn't alter the flavor of the pumpkin cake too much. You may use Pumpkin Spice pudding (if you can locate it) and/or Butterscotch if you wish.


  1. Preheat oven to the temperature as stated on your cake mix directions. (Mine was 350.)
  2. Mix your cake mix according to directions.
  3. Add entire box of vanilla pudding mix, semi-sweet chocolate chips, German chocolate, and cinnamon.
  4. Mix well and pour into a bundt pan that you have buttered and floured. (Seriously, don't try to use spray or just butter or just flour. ONLY butter and flour. You'll be sorry otherwise.)
  5. Bake cake 40-42 minutes, keeping a close eye on it at the 35 minute mark.


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