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Shared Nursery: Phase One

It will soon be 4 months since we made the long trek from North Carolina to Wyoming. I have no clue how it has gone by so fast, but it has.

We own our home back in North Carolina, and because this is a temporary duty we will be heading back ‘home’ in a few years. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for that! While I am abundantly grateful that we found a place to live, within our housing allowance allotment, our townhome up here is only 1100 sq feet whereas our home back in NC is 1600. Now you might chuckle and think that 500 sq ft isn’t that much of a change. What you fail to understand, however, is that our home in NC is an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings AND 3 bedrooms. Our home here is very closed off (our living room, dining room, and kitchen can all fit in our NC home’s living area. That’s no bull!) and only has 2 bedrooms.

When we walked into our townhome we had to immediately rework our ideas for where the baby’s nursery was going to be. And honestly, the “nursery” is no longer a nursery. It looks like an episode of Hoarders. Currently it holds 20+ moving boxes all containing the contents of what was our office, two guest bedrooms, and ample closets back in our NC home. Somehow, someway we must figure out how to make that second bedroom work. When I walk past it I immediately feel defeated. It’s frustrating, but again I thank God that He provided us a home, in a nice townhome community, that is within our housing allowance budget. If not for those prayers of thanksgiving those feelings of defeat would override me. I’m sure a couple hours (days) on Pinterest and some storage solutions will turn that room around. (Just in time for my baby brother to move into it? Maybe.) So keep a close eye out for storage ideas. I’m sure there are people out there like me going through the pains and woes of moving from a medium sized home to a shoebox home. We’ll get through this together. In the meantime …

Baby E moved into our bedroom. Before I go off on how we did things, let me say that I am one who is very much against sharing a room with my child. I shared a bedroom with a sibling until I was a senior in high school. I get out into college and don’t share a bedroom and it was awesome. Then I get married and I’m sharing a bed. The world and it’s circles are cruel and weird and a little confusing. Sharing a bedroom with my child is the furthest thing from what I want to be doing. However, I roll with the punches. Plus I didn’t want her crib surrounded by 20+ moving boxes containing Home of North Carolina Past. Baby E most likely won’t spend the whole time we live in Wyoming in our bedroom. But for at least the next year she will be in there with us. Thankfully it is working out well. She sleeps like a rock and doesn’t wake up to anything … even when my husband karate chops my throat and I respond with a wet willie and he squeals like a baby pig. (A middle child married to a youngest child … These things occur weekly.)

Being that my husband is a super hero and the most patient man alive, he is allowing me to set up Baby E’s side of the room all fancy. He knew I had dreams of how her nursery would look, and he’s willing to accommodate my dreams on a smaller scale. I did promise to make our side of the bedroom a little more masculine. We’ll get to that though …

When I was planning the nursery I wanted pink, coral, mint, and pale green in some fashion and a rather eclectic “vintage/shabby chic” feel. I think I succeeded!




You’ll note that some of the frames have yet to be filled. This is because I ran out of printer ink and therefore I couldn’t print off my fun printables! (Found here.)



I love the pom poms above the crib. I saw this on Pinterest ages ago and just knew that would be part of my daughter’s nursery. I made the large mint colored pom pom and purchased the rest Luna Bazaar. I didn’t make all of them because I really loved that Luna Bazaar had striped and polka dotted ones, plus coral. I had a hard time finding coral tissue paper for some reason! My mother taught me how to make tissue paper pom poms forever ago. Apparently these were pretty popular “back in her day.” Thanks, mom!


The inspiration for this flower monogram came from Pinterest (where else?) – the pin can be found here. One mistake I made was assume that I had to cut the cardboard letter in half. (I didn’t look at the how-to too carefully!) In all actuality the top face of the letter is just removed, leaving the full (in tact) sides and base. It is quite simple to remove and once you get it started you can actually just rip it off without causing any damage. I elected to paint the cardboard that was showing a green color. You can obviously skip this step.


I very much wanted an eclectic mix of frames – enter Hobby Lobby. On the day I went open back frames (like the white one hanging around the flower E) were 60% off whereas stand alone frames were 50% off. I purchased 3 standalone, 1 open back, and 2 wall frames. Two of the standalone frames were treated with ribbon (like above) and tied up onto the nail. BIG TIP for you! If you are hanging these above a crib (like me) I recommend adding an extra nail at the bottom of the frame to secure it. In some cases it may show, but you won’t have a random frame falling on your baby as they sleep. Another suggestion (if you don’t wish to anchor with a second nail) is Command Strips. Hang the frame as you normally would with the nail and then add extra staying power with the Command Strips. I will say, however, be careful when you are removing them. In some cases they HAVE ripped paint off my wall, despite their claims. Because we rent this house we chose to just use nails and avoid any paint damage that would require wall putty and repainting.




For my baby shower my nieces drew me some cute little pictures, put them in their homemade envelope, and wished me a “happy baby party.” It was adorable. Over the years I have accumulated plenty of drawings from my nieces and I always try to hold onto some of them to hang on the fridge or in this case – as a makeshift ‘pennant banner.’ My original plan was to frame these, but I liked the idea of being able to switch them out as I accumulate more pictures either from Baby E or her cousins. This is probably my favorite part of Baby E’s side of the room. It’s personal, and it makes me smile every time I see “happy baby party” written in Lilli’s handwriting. I miss those crazy kooks. This was really easy! Chose a decorative ribbon, baby paper clips (found in the stationary section at WalMart), and hung it to the wall!



Baby E is definitely a fan of her paper pom poms. She lays and chats away as she watches them move around. Plus, she gets to look at a picture of her dad which is awesome since he works quite a bit! The best part about her side of the room was the total. For all frames, pictures, decor, pom poms, and all … $85. My tip for you as you get ready to decorate or redesign – look for sales! I always ask myself “how BADLY do I want this?” If it is an item that I feel is essential for whatever I am working on, I’ll splurge. But I always try to stick to my budget. I lucked out and I was able to get more frames for my budget because I went on a day when Hobby Lobby was having a sale. Though not all of my frames were “wall hanging” frames – I made them work as some. As my husband says on the regular … “improvise, adapt, and overcome.” Sure this is for Marine Corps like situations … but hey, I use it in every situation – even decorating.

Now the next phase of this room is our side. As stated, I promised my husband to not make it so girly. I bought him a new duvet cover and a new headboard for us a few months ago. Check back to see how I make this side of the room cozy, masculine, but still have a few girly touches. 😉 I’m sure the Orioles hat will still hang on our headboard though …



Happy Monday!


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