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‘Smores’ Sandwiches

Smores Sandwiches

We all know the best treats are born during a craving.  Well, the other day Hil was having a ‘sweet’ craving after lunch and a delicious little snack was born.  Just to be sure I tried these out with the daycare crew and they were LOVED by all!!!  So simple and easy and will definitely fill the ‘sweet tooth’ when you’re in a pinch… and the ‘smores’ craving in the middle of winter!

Really all you need is some graham crackers, Nutella, and marshmallow fluff!  Yep, they’re ‘that’ easy.


Nutella on one side, marshmallow fluff on the other and ta-daa!  Yummy afternoon snack!  They were definitely a hit!



Keep on the lookout for one more ‘graham cracker sandwich’ creation.  I definitely took my mom’s peanut butter pie filling recipe (AMAZING), put it between two graham crackers, and popped it in the freezer.  The result was delicious!  I’ll be sure to get that pie recipe AND the little ‘snack sandwich’ idea on here before school starts… they would make the best ‘after school’ snack!

If you’re needing another fun and easy snack idea, check out our Graham Cracker ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ idea from a few weeks ago!

Happy Hump Day!!!


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