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Our Summer (mostly) Unplugged

Today was the last day of school for my kids and I couldn’t be more thrilled! No more waking them early, lunches to pack, homework or crazy schedules; just tons of R&R and family time ahead! One thing our summer won’t include is a ton of screen time- instead we’re hoping to spend our summer (mostly) unplugged!

Our Summer (Mostly) Unplugged

How, you ask? Well, there are a few things at work actually…

First, we will have a very regular schedule and plenty of planned activities thanks to my home daycare (You can follow along on my daycare Instagram page!) during our week days. We’re also blessed with a pool which provides hours of afternoon fun almost daily during the summer.

We have our big family vacation in July, a trip to visit the North Carolina cousins over the July 4th holiday, a trip to Philadelphia to visit family and a very secretive staycation planned in June- like I said, we like our family time in the summer!

Finally, and possibly most importantly, I’m not afraid of them being bored.  I actually hope it happens!


Well, in the right environment, boredom opens the door to creativity.  When kids are bored they build things, make up games, create and explore.

I want them to head outside into our yard in the morning and find an elaborate fort constructed and an intense game of make believe happening by lunch.

I want to constantly be running out of tape, craft paper, and boxes.

I want to watch leaders develop and nurturing begin.

I want to sit back and watch my kids grow, not look over to see their sweet faces staring at a screen. That very thought breaks my heart.

Kids should be going and doing, moving and shaking, and getting really dirty every day. That is my wish for them this summer.

Will there be some screen time? Of course, I would be lying if I told you otherwise, but it is going to be very limited.  My plan is to allow a little TV for the early risers before breakfast then they’ll take turns using the computer to play a math game, to keep those skills sharp, as part of our morning activities. The big kids will also be spending a few minutes updating the daycare Instagram account to create a Chatbook of our summer adventures and in the evenings our kids will get 30 minutes with their Kindles. Finally, rainy days.  It will not be an electronics free-for-all but we’ll probably allow a movie or a little extra Kindle time on those days.

Now, this is the plan– we’re going to do our best but it’s a really long summer and I’m sure there will be exceptions made along the way.  My hope, however, is that new habits will be made, new interests developed, and our summer unplugged may become the norm for our family.

Here’s to a 1990s summer, friends!

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  • Amen! How about the 80’s summer? More my speed (or age). As a teacher, I say…get dirty and play on! I love to hear that some families still have their kids play outside. My mom was a teacher. She made sure my sister and I spent time outside. I still remember my make believe horse named Flash. It was a tree branch. I loved that horse.

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