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Super Easy Disney Countdown

Well since we’ve officially begun our countdown to Disney *insert giddy squeal here* I thought it would be a good time to revisit the super easy countdown I made for a guest post over at My Favorite Finds.  We’re on day 95 and I’m currently the most excited party in the house… I believe the kids think we’re lying about the whole thing. 🙂

We didn’t do a countdown with our first two trips, partially because our kids were pretty small both times and partially because mom didn’t really think about it.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Mom, how many days til Disney?”  In light of this, and my new-found love for Pinterest, I decided a countdown was definitely in order for this trip.

I went with a very easy idea, though there were MANY adorable options available.  I didn’t want anything too big because it will be in my kitchen for 100 days, and I’m kinda a freak about things on my counters, so I took a few ideas from my Disney Pinterest board and came up with something all my own.  I started at my local Wal-Mart and picked up a small wooden frame from the children’s crafts section and some chalkboard paint, everything else (stickers, paper, paintbrushes, etc) I had at home already.


I started by opening a Word document and writing what I wanted written on the frame using  a ‘Disney’ font I had found on Pinterest.  I printed it out and set it aside.  I had some simple Mickey stickers lying around and decided to use them as my template for where my ‘chalkboard’ part was going to be.  I stuck the sticker to the wood and painted the whole frame in the color I wanted.



I pulled the sticker off and placed the cut strips of paper where I wanted my lettering and traced (pretty firmly) all the letters.


Then I took my chalkboard paint and ever so carefully filled in my lettering as well as my Mickey silhouette.  Once set the ‘chalkboard’ Mickey works perfectly and I’m pretty excited we can start our countdown kinda early.  I used some scrapbook paper and a sticker I had left from a scrapbook kit I had purchased on a previous Disney trip for the center and I was ready to go!


Or so I thought… when I showed my 7 & 5-year-old daughters they decided it needed a few more embellishments.  So this is our official family countdown.


I like their version because they put their ‘stamp’ on it and after all the trip is for them!  I made this in about an hour, not including drying time, which I thought was very reasonable and it really couldn’t have been easier!


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