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Baby K’s Nursery Wrap Up

At long last…BGK will have a place to rest their head once he/she decides to make their arrival into this world.  After a very long weekend of “nesting” last weekend while Husband was away, and just a few hours yesterday…the nursery is officially complete.  I […]

Shared Nursery: Phase One

It will soon be 4 months since we made the long trek from North Carolina to Wyoming. I have no clue how it has gone by so fast, but it has. We own our home back in North Carolina, and because this is a temporary […]

DIY Rain Gutter Bookshelf

DIY Rain Gutter Bookshelf

Because husband and I enjoy tormenting people (or so they believe), we decided to not find out Baby K’s gender.  We very much think that the words… “It’s a….” is the last ultimate surprise in life.  So, when asked at the 20 week screening if we would […]

Nursery Decor: Printables

Over the next few weeks you will see Sami, Hilary, and myself all posting on little things here and there that we are doing with our babies’ nurseries. So if you’re looking for ideas – check back! Today I am sharing a very small part […]