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Quick Guide to Menu Planning

Happy Thursday, readers! If you go and get onto Pinterest you will find ample tips and tricks for menu planning. Menu planning for the Whole30 family, menu planning for the gluten-free family, menu planning for the vegetarians, vegans, Baptists who love casseroles, crockpots, etc. We […]

The Dos & Don’ts of Moving

The Dos & Don’ts of Moving

Happy 2016 readers! I was asleep by 10PM on NYE. Can you tell I’m nearing 28 and have 2 kids? With the arrival of 2016 came a very long, very necessary “to-do” list for our family. Why you ask? Well, and I type this with […]

Emergency Document List (And WHY You Need It!)

It’s the new year! 2014 will bring a lot to our little family, but one of my goals this year is to be even more organized than I already am. Middle children have this stigma about them that we are super disorganized and crazy. I […]