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“Take 5” Bites

Have you ever had a Take 5 candy bar? Do they even still make those? All I know is they’re magnificent and we ate them a lot in high school. My brothers have affectionately relabeled them, “PMS bars.” Forgive their brashness. They grew up in a home with 5 women and have girlfriends AND 4 nieces. They understand we love salty/chocolate-y/peanut buttery/caramel-y goodness. They’re well trained in the realm of girls. Which is funny because they’re borderline cavemen themselves.

I came up with these little gems whilst assembling a care package for my husband on his 2nd deployment to Afghanistan. And the man doesn’t like chocolate, but adores these. After receiving them he emailed me back and said, “I can’t stop eating these stupid things.” And of course when I make them now he still inhales them. Chocolate hating husband approved!

These are super complicated.

Just kidding. 3 ingredients. The most annoying part is unwrapping the Rolos, but that’s why you had kids or got married, right? What?!? No??

Super easy process!







Assemble ingredients – Rolos, peanut butter M&Ms, and pretzels.

Count how many Rolos you have and subtract 3. Because you (or your husband/kids) will eat a few whilst unwrapping. Place your needed amount of pretzels on your pan and top each with an unwrapped Rolo. Place in your preheated oven and stand close by.

This is the most “technical” part of the process. You don’t want the Rolos to melt down to a mess, but you need them to be soft enough to place the M&MS. Mine only took 7 minutes to get to that point. So keep an eye on them beginning at 5 minutes!

Remove them from the oven and immediately top each with your peanut butter M&Ms. Let them cool and reharden either at room temp or in the freezer (if your pan will fit). Store in a ziploc baggy and enjoy!

I hope you like these as much as we do. 🙂

Happy Monday,

Take 5 Bites
*makes 47-52 bites

Bag of Rolos
Bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms

1) Unwrap Rolos and top each pretzel with one Rolo. Place in 225 degree oven for 5-7 minutes. (Or until soft enough to top with M&Ms.)
2) Remove from oven and immediately top with one M&Ms. Allow to cool and enjoy!

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