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It’s about 5:30pm on Mother’s Day and I just woke up from a nap.  The drive to my mom’s house is very ‘over the river and through the wood-sy’ something I usually tolerate with no issue at all but today, it made me very sick.  When we got home I laid down and fell right asleep.  No one bothered me and when I finally did wake up, I felt much better.  Today, I thought it was appropriate for me to take a nap because, well, its Mother’s Day and I had spent the day serving others. I taught Sunday School at church this morning and, along with Sami & Hilary, served our mom by providing and cleaning up lunch.  No ‘medal’ desired, it’s just the season I’m in.  Someday Mother’s Day will be about me but for now I’m both blessed and thankful to have my mom and grandmother here to celebrate with, and serve, until that time.

Anyway, my nap.  On a normal day, I probably wouldn’t have done it.  Not because I don’t ever need a bit of rest, but because I actually had several things I should have accomplished with that time.  Much more ‘important’ things in fact. I could have vacuumed our pool, or potted the plants we purchased last night for our landscaping, or exercised, or wrote this blog post.  But what I needed, was rest.

That’s what Jessica Turner’s book  The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You is all about.  Taking time for YOU to do things YOU enjoy because you need to take care of yourself so you can effectively serve others.

While there are plenty of books out there telling us to do just that, Jessica takes it a step further and actually gives you the tools to accomplish the, sometimes impossible, task of carving out time for you.  To do things you enjoy. Things that feed your soul and renew your mind and spirit.

Scrapbooking, sewing, reading, running, writing, napping, gardening, exercising… the list goes on.  Just whatever fills you up, so you can be the best version of you for your family, friends and coworkers.  That thing, or things, are a part of you and you deserve time to enjoy them even when you’re in a busy season of life.

Probably my favorite part of The Fringe Hours, other than Jessica’s complete realness and transparency, is the little journaling sections where she walks you through the process of taking actual steps to building time into your day to do things for you.  It’s one thing to say, ‘do this’ but she guides you through the process and I absolutely love it!

Another fantastic section of this book is where she addresses time that we all have, but waste.  Things like Facebook and Pinterest can be great tools for connecting with family and friends and researching DIY projects and recipes but we’ve all fallen prey to the lost hour on Pinterest.  Recognizing those time wasters and choosing to use that time more effectively may be the key to unlocking your fringe hours.

I’m probably one of the worst offenders in the area of burning the proverbial candle at both ends.  I work long days that lead into chaotic evenings filled with dinner, homework, baths, practices etc., I usually fall onto the couch around 9pm, stare at the TV for 30 minutes and head to bed.  If I had not started getting up early to have a little time in the mornings to drink my coffee in peace before starting my day, I would have zero time to myself.

I’ve realized that it’s not healthy and needs to stop.  I need to take time for me and will be addressing my schedule over the coming weeks to make time to take care of me and I hope you will too!

To help one of our readers accomplish this, Family Christian Bookstore has given us a copy of Jessica Turner’s book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You to give away!  Enter below for your chance to win and good luck!

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