Three Tips to Keeping the Scale in Check through the Holidays

The holidays is upon us and here at The Domestic Four are so totally pumped! It is our MOST favorite time of year for sure!  All the family time, and good tidings of great joy. Oh, it’s just so wonderful!  However, with all that good tiding and joy comes a lot of REALLY good food.  Cakes and pies and cookies abound and, if you’re not careful, you’ll find that along with all that sweet family time you’ve added a few pounds to the scale.

This, almost always, cues a New Year’s Resolution to ‘lose x pounds’ and ‘eat healthy’ and ‘deny ones self of any and all junk food’… the list continues.

So, we had an idea.  What if we headed off the extra pounds and subsequent resolution with a plan to, at least try, to keep the scale in the same spot through the Holidays.

We’re not talking anything extreme but we’re thinking if we go into this time of year with a plan, we can aim to at least maintain our current status and not start the new year three steps back.  If we lose a couple pounds, then bonus!

A fitness challege to help us keep our long term health goals in mind as we enjoy the holidays.

So what is our plan?

Well, the first piece is going to be another Instagram fitness challenge!  With the success of our first round (and the fact that we’ve been asked multiple times when we’re going to have another one) we decided it was a good time to have a friendly community to keep one another accountable!

For this round, we’re going to shoot for just 5 days each week, we figured that was the best bet with the holidays being rather crazy for everyone.  These can be any five out of the 7 days (one of us will be posting every day and we’ll be there to cheer everyone on no matter what day you choose).  If Monday-Friday works best for you, great!  If you’d rather use Saturday and Sunday for workouts, then you only need to get three more workouts in during the week.  Whatever works for your schedule is going to work for this challenge. As far as dates, we’re going to start now (start ASAP but no later than next Monday) and end December 31st.

The second piece is going to be preparing for our weeks.  Each week, we’re going to be encouraging everyone to make a plan for their week.  Plan what you’re going to eat (both for yourself and what you will serve your family), do any meal prep that will help you be successful in eating what you plan, and scheduling your workouts for the week.  You need to actually pencil it in to your planner, save it to your phone, SOMETHING to remind you when you’ve planned to exercise. Then, follow your plan for the week!

Now, life happens and there may be some weeks that you accomplish little to none of what you plan.


We’ll be here to encourage you to get back on the wagon the next week and cheer you on as you succeed!

This challenge is about keeping the status quo.  Enjoying the holidays but keeping our long term goals in mind.

The third part is just that, ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!  This means having that piece of pie at Thanksgiving.  One piece, not the whole pie.  I’ve actually done that, in high school.  Ate an entire pie in about 24 hours.  I’m not proud.  Any way, enjoy a piece of pie, have a couple cookies on Christmas and a drink or two on New Years.  This isn’t about completely restricting ourselves! Just working together, as a community, to remember our long term goals of health and keep things reasonable during a time of year where sweets and treats abound.

Here’s the deal, we (all four of us) LOVE good food.  We lick the spoon when we’re baking, eat more than our fair share of our mom’s mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving (maybe that’s just me), and steal all the chocolate from our kids’ Halloween candy.  But, the four of us, and many of you I’m sure, need a reminder to keep things in check and that’s what we’re hoping to do with this challenge.  Keep daily exercise part of our routines and enjoy the good food but not ALL the food.  😉

So, a quick recap of our plan…

  1. Make exercise a priority at least 5 days each week (now through December 31st) and check in on Instagram (Follow us! We’re The Domestic Four!) with the hashtag #keepitinchecktd4.
  2. Make a plan for your week! Plan meals for your family (noting when you’ll be at parties and other gatherings), plan lunches & snacks for yourself, do any meal prep that will help you succeed (cut up veggies, prep some salads & put them in the fridge for lunches, etc.) and plan your workouts!
  3. Enjoy the holidays! Enjoy a piece of pie, savor a couple cookies, have a drink or two.  Just keep things in check and don’t over do it!
  4. Remember to check in with us on Instagram and here on the blog! We’ll probably do a few check-in posts so leave us a comment and let us know how you’re doing!
OK… I think that’s all.  So, who’s in??

Oh! One last thing.  If you remember, Sami worked with Bowflex a while back on a sponsored post.  Now, this post is not at all sponsored but we wanted to share a quick opportunity with you in light of this challenge.  While you’re checking in with us on Instagram, if you snap a photo of a clothing item you have a goal of wearing and hashtag it #IWillWearThis and #Bowflex, you will be entered to win some pretty cool prizes including Bowflex fitness gear and a grand prize 7-day Caribbean cruise from Princess Cruises.  This challenge runs through November 23rd so get your entry for that in soon! Be sure to follow us, Bowflex, and Princess Cruises on Instagram!  Additonal details can be found at

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