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‘Tis the season…for GRILLING!!!

My husband and I are avid grillers.  Spring and sunshine in our family translates to “cooking in the great outdoors.”  Since our grill, that was passed down to us from a family friend the summer we were married, went ka-put this winter (the bottom completely fell out), we opted to use a bit of our tax return to replace this very important member of our family.  Please note: this was not done without MAJOR bargain shopping first; I am ALL about saving a buck or two!  We have trusty Wal-mart to thank for our new equipment. Here is a picture…


She’s a beaut, right!?

For dinner last night, I decided that I did not want to do any dishes (other than the rinsing of the plates, cups, and utensils used for serving and consumption to be placed in the dishwasher).  So…I decided to select items for dinner that could be prepared on the grill.  Think “camping while at home.”  I will warn you, this meal requires some use of some aluminum foil.  That’s another staple in our house.  Plus, I can pack away left overs and crumble up and throw away my “make shift pots/pans”.   Dinner at our house last evening included sliced potatoes, green beans, and flounder.  That just screams “healthy” and “summer-time” does it not?  So, let’s begin…

First, you will want to take your potatoes and prep them.  This includes washing and slicing them.  I sliced mine to be about 1 cm thick.  This will help keep your cooking time within reason.  The thicker the slices of potatoes, the longer cooking time you will have to account for.  Once your potatoes are sliced, you will need to prep your aluminum foil that will be used to make the “cooking packets.”  This will vary depending on how many potatoes you wish for each packet.  Mine consisted of 2 small(er) golden potatoes each.  Place your potatoes in the center of the piece of foil, drizzle with olive oil and seasoning of your choice.  If you wish to use butter, you may.  I was trying to keep it healthy.  When my mom makes these – she loads them with butter.  For seasoning, I used Old Bay Seasoning and Garlic Salt.  Thus the “OB” and “GS” labels on the foil.  My husband is ALL about Old Bay on everything.  My dad, not so much.  I am good with either.  Once your EVOO or butter and seasoning are on your potatoes, fold the packets closed.  I match up opposite corners and then fold in the rest.  Here are some pics from mine.

  Image     Image

 Image     Image

These should go onto the grill FIRST.  They will take the longest of the three items.  After preheating your grill, whichever section of the grill you are going to cook these on, you will want to turn to a low/medium-low heat.  If the grill is too hot, the potatoes will burn.  These will need to cook for 20-25 minutes.  I would give each packet a “shake” about every five minutes.  I just used an oven mit to give them a good mix up.  You will know when your potatoes are finished when they are fork tender.  On to the green beans…

These are made in the same fashion.  I placed the frozen green beans in the middle of the piece of foil, drizzled with EVOO, gave them some garlic salt seasoning and sprinkled a few sunflower seeds on top.  I am a fan of Danielle’s almond green beans, you can find the recipe here, but was out of almonds…so sunflower seeds it was.  Note: I also LOVE to use fresh green beans, however, I did not have them on hand…so frozen it was.

Image     Image

These may be placed on the grill second.  As with the potatoes, you will need to turn the section of the grill you are cooking them on to low/medium-low heat.  They will also need to be given a shake here and there.  I did this each time I was tossing the potatoes.

Here is a lovely picture the potatoes and green beans grilling away.  And a lovely picture of my “cooking buddy,” Cooper.  When I am in the kitchen, he can be found lying in wait for any morsel of food to drop.

Image      Image

Now, for the fish…

The final item I placed on the grill was the flounder.  You can select your favorite type of fish.  I love salmon, tilapia, cod…I could go on.  Cooking times will be pretty consistent for most of the fish you wish to prepare.  The first thing I did was season the fish with salt and pepper.  I am a huge fan of lemon juice too, but alas I was out.  Season away as you wish.  I created a foil cooking surface that could be placed on the grill.  NOTE: you will want to spray this with cooking spray.  This will assist with making the fish easy to flip.  The fish will be the last thing you want to put on the grill.  The flounder and tilapia will take 3-4 minutes per side.  Once you flip and time the 3-4 minutes on the last side you will want to check the fish until it flakes with a fork easily.  Salmon might take a bit longer.  And please remember, cooking times will vary depending on the thickness of your fish.  **Place the heat of your grill to low/medium-low heat just as you did with the potatoes and vegetables.  Burnt fish does not sound very appealing.**

Image      Image    Image

Once all of your items are cooked to your liking, pull from the grill and serve.  The meal was a big hit with only a few potatoes left over.


Just a reminder…If you are using another type of meat (chicken or beef) you might need to adjust the order of the items you place on the grill.  If you have some nice steaks, you might want to place them on the grill first followed by the potatoes and then vegetables.  You will need to make this call as you prepare your family’s meal.  And as stated, cooking times will also need to vary depending on the thickness of each cut.

Best if luck.  I promise you will not be disappointed and you will LOVE the ease of clean up.  Remember, any questions…just ask.

Happy grilling!


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