Top 5 Pins this Week- Summer Fun!

I thought I’d take a minute and share a few of my favorite things I pinned this week.  My home daycare is going to undergo a little age switch for the summer, I’m going from caring for mostly little ones (toddlers-preschoolers) to mostly school age kids.  I’m very excited about this and the breath of fresh air it will bring me, though I’m sure I’ll be VERY ready for them to go back to school by the end of summer. 🙂

In light of having all the big kidos I’ve put together a bit of a different daily schedule to accomodate the older kids and have started planning some fun activities for us to take on.  Of course my first stop was Pinterest and it didn’t disappoint.  I created a new board for my “Summer Fun” ideas and went to town searching for fun games, activities, and crafts to help break up the monotany that the summer can bring.

Here are a few of my favorites…

30 Things to Do Outside

30 Things to Do Outside by

Scavenger Hunts

Several Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas at

Summer Bucket List

Summertime Bucket List by AggieLandMommy

Summer Reading

FREE Printable Reading Kit by

Summer Survival Cheat Sheet

Summer Survival Cheat Sheet for Mom’s by

I also thought I’d include my summer schedule that will be printed and posted where the kids can see it.  I’ve always found kids do much better when they know what to expect.  Especially if the current activity isn’t exactly their favorite one, they can look and see how long it’s to last and what is coming up next.

Summer Schedule

Happy Weekend!


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