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Two Pocket Folder Clutch

Imagine with me… 20 students.  All having their individual 10 words a week to master, each one’s list ending up on the classroom floor at sometime or another throughout the week…followed immediately by colorful math fact cards littering their desks.  Not for lack of organization on your part, nor the fault of the 7 or 8 year olds in the room.  But, because there are 60 days left of the school year and those brown, clasp 6×9 envelopes you gave them the second week of school have just seen better days.

Frightening picture isn’t it?  Well, for some, it might be every day life.  For me, no way.  I am a firm believer that everything has a place.  I don’t do well with things just strewn about in my classroom.  This happens and you can bet I am starting to itch and breaking out in hives.  I walk past some of my kid’s desks and shutter.  My dad says that he feels badly for my students; afraid that I put too much pressure on them.  Kelsea has assured him that I do not set such rigorous standards for them and that they enjoy being in my room.  (Thanks for observing, Kelsea.)  I just believe that everyone is able to function a bit better when things are organized.

So, after sorting through kid X, Y, and Z’s math facts…trying to figure out which set belonged to whom…I was determined to figure out a new plan.  Oy!

My answer: these bad boys.  They offer two pockets which allow my students to keep “working on” items to one side and “mastered/for review” items on the other.  Let’s just hope their parents like them as much as I do.  They were also pretty much free;  I had left over 2-pocket folders from my supply order for this academic year.  Combine that with the packets of Velcro at $2.97 a pack..and this is a very inexpensive project.  This is my trial run.  I plan to see how these turn out.  If they are a success for the next 60 days, I will be creating the same this summer, but will laminate to ensure they hold up.

This tutorial is rather simple/straight forward.  Should you have any questions, let us know.  Ahhh, Sweet organization…

Collect your supplies. 2-pocket folders, Velcro, pie plate (for creating semicircles), scissors, and pen/pencil
Fold bottom of folder along the pockets. This creates the crease for the envelope flaps.
Using your pie plate and pen/pencil, draw semicircles. You will cut along the lines. **I folded my folder in half and cut along one. Working smart, not harder?!.. I did end up with pen lines, but it really is not a big deal for what I’m using them for.
Folder cut and ready for Velcro
Velcro attached and ready for use.
So fun, right!?!


Hope you are inspired to use these.  There are sooo many possibilities.  If you do, come back and comment and let us know how you have implemented them into your life.

Happy Monday!!


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