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Two Years


Two. Years.

It’s been 2 years since we started this little blog. Hard to believe (for us)! And though our 2015 year has gotten off to a slow start – we are hopeful to get back into the swing of things.

We started this blog to provide an outlet for our creativity, but slowly it became a means of encouragement to some, a way for family members to watch us raise our families, and an avenue to speak out to and for women like us. Women who are empowered and confident, but desperately seek to provide for their families by meeting domestic and tangible needs. (Yes! We exist!)

In these two years:

3 of us have had another child,

1 has moved to another state,

1 has decided what she “wants to be when she grows up” and did a daycare overhaul/renovation,

4 have gained a few pounds and lost a few pounds and gained a few pounds,

And all 4 have made strides towards bettering themselves daily.

If you would have asked me if I thought this blog was REALLY going somewhere – I probably would have told you no! We are just 4 women and sisters who don’t quite fit the standard mold of women today. Plus, I think sometimes we can be annoying with our desperate need to always be creating something! (No? Just to our husbands? Noted.) What we have found, however, is that while our DIYs and recipes DO get their time in the limelight on Pinterest – it is when we are real, vulnerable, and honest that our blog shines.

We are not perfect. (And sometimes it makes us sad when people think so.) Every morning we wake up and begin going through our checklists. We try to juggle the kids and the jobs and the spouses and the cleaning and the cars and the bills and the money and the pets and the kids who may as well be pets and the mundane house work and church and our devotions and brushing our teeth ย … By 8am we are exhausted. We look put together through the glow of the Instagram filters, but we are just getting by most days.

But aren’t those days glorious, friends? The days where it’s not because of us, but because of Him? Where we lay our heads on those pillows and we ask ourselves, “how did I get through today?!” Because of Him. Because of sweet, sweet Jesus and His amazing grace.

I believe that God has a soft spot in His heart for mommas. Just that quiet voice to follow us in our times of busy, our times of stress, our times of breaking down.ย And if we still ourselves we can hear Him. We can witness His soft spot for us…

“Be still, I will fight for you.”

“You are protected.”

“Your children are safe.”

“Eat the chocolate, Kelsea.”

“Rest your eyes, my girl.”

“I will calm the waters.”

We will be the first ones to line up if Hobby Lobby rolls out their own credit card. We will be the first ones to volunteer to make food or baked goods. Shoot, we will be covered head to toe with glitter after a Christmas craft project binge! But these things don’t define Danielle, Sami, Hilary, or Kelsea.

This blog, though domestic in nature, is a peek inside our worlds. Our imperfect worlds. And even now, two years later, we welcome you in. We want you to be inspired to get your hands dirty with your kiddos, your kitchen messy while baking a new recipe … But above it all we want your heart to be touched by the reality of who we are.

Wives, moms, sisters, women, friends.

Untouched by the glow of the Instagram filter.

Here’s to year 3!




4 thoughts on “Two Years”

  • I, myself, am glad you started this blog. I find it very refreshing. I am probably not your typical reader. I am divorced, not by my choosing, and have no children. I got started on it because Sam is a dear friend of mine. I call her “Krafty” because she is just that. It is amazing what she can do with ordinary things. I am a born again Christian, and I understand how important the Lord is in a person’s life. That is another reason why I keep going back to your blog. I will keep reading in year 3.

  • Yay for year three!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your blog and always enjoy the sense of humor you all have. I have found myself laughing out loud on many occasions. Looking forward to more of the same! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love your blog! I look forward to year three and beyond!! I love that you all are sisters and love each other, it shows and I am grateful, Yay!! Cheers to year 3~

    • Awww thank you Lara! We love following your blog as well! Looking forward to catching up at BloggyCon!!!

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