Where Are We Now: One Year Later

If you’ve been following our blog from the beginning you will note that our lives have changed somewhat dramatically over the past year. Our posts have come in waves due to the arrivals of babies, moving, and well … just life. My sisters and I all marvel at the ability of most bloggers to seemingly juggle “life” and blogging without a hiccup. (Seriously, how do you people do it?) As I type this my 15 month old is standing next to the screen throwing things at me and fussing. This is not because I’m ignoring her! In fact, I stop probably every 5 words to read another story or go through her color flashcards again. I mean, props to you kid for wanting to learn your colors backwards and forwards and be able to recite The Cat in the Hat, but I’m about to lose my Mommy Mind! (If anyone is keeping track it took me 25 minutes to write that paragraph.)

First and foremost we want to thank you for holding on in our weeks of no posts and continuing to pin us and follow us. You’re the reason we open up our Pinterest accounts or WordPress app to find hundreds and hundreds of views each day. So truly, thank you!

Here’s a quick update on our lives!


Danielle has officially enrolled in business classes, expanded her home day care, and somehow managed to potty train her very, very stubborn son. He’s cute though, isn’t he? With expanding her daycare she was able to take on more … and by more I mean hire Hilary to be her right hand man. They spend their days corralling children and trying to manage chaos. If your children go to a babysitter you should definitely take them a Starbucks giftcard or some small form of appreciation this week. God bless child care providers who do their job! (And teachers, too!)

Danielle sent us a picture of her children one Friday evening. The girls were sitting on the floor playing quietly with a new Christmas toy and her son was sitting on the couch watching something on TV. The house was clean. It was a like a modern day Norman Rockwell painting. We felt peaceful just looking at it. We seethed at her. I am positive that we all looked down at our floors covered in primary colored toys (that never shut up despite having untouched buttons) and thought, “Only 3 more years ….

But with the exiting of the baby phase of life opens the door to soccer, swimming, and tball practices. You enjoy that, Danielle!

Oh and we are pretty certain her husband is a vampire. As he hasn’t aged in the 16 years that he’s been around our family.

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Samantha has had a rather busy year herself! As you can recall when we started this blog she was expecting her first child. This picture was only a few weeks before she popped as I can recall. These two professionals gave birth to this:


And yes, she did just clean that window. Their son spends his days at Camp Auntie Danielle and gets his fingers smacked for feeding Auntie Danielle’s imaginary dog at lunch time. He’s growing like a weed and somehow has my one year old beat in the teeth and hair department. He’s a smart little dude, though. Quirky and smart. A great combo.

Sami is finishing out her year as a 2nd grade teacher. But also finishing out her year of T25 workout videos. She’s definitely lost some weight, but is definitely in the toning phase. Which is good, because I want to feed her a steak everytime I FaceTime with her. I’m sure she will be doing an update soon. We are all secretly hoping for her to announce that she’s pregnant with a second child, but she’s not as crazy as my husband and I are. You know … having kids only 15 months apart. And even though it isn’t teacher appreciation week or whatever – send your kid’s teachers a Starbucks giftcard, too. Those poor souls work their butts off as well.

For all of you Type A folks out there who wonder if you can survive motherhood – Sami is a prime example that you can. Your kid will lick your windows and get into everything, but you’ll roll with the punches and come out just fine. 🙂

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Hilary and her family have had quite the year! You’ll remember that Hilary was also pregnant at the start of our blog this time last year. They welcomed their second (and final) child – a little man. He also spends his days at Camp Auntie Danielle. Along with his big sister and cousins. Hilary and her husband went through the ringer this year, but came out swinging. Like many, many families over the past few years her husband was laid off due to his company closing. This forced them to move out of their home and attempt to sell it. While they came very close TWICE, for whatever reason they fell through each time. You could tell it was wearing on them, but we kept telling her … there has to be a reason.

Sure enough there was. Hilary and her family moved back into their home (after almost a full year of living with her husband’s mom) this past month. Her husband was able to get a job that will carry them over until he is able to find something within his field. How cool is that?

While it was a year of trials and testing of their patience, it all worked out in the end. I love those stories.

Hilary (as stated) works with Danielle in the home day care and manages to raise her kids and take care of her home at the same time. She also manages to curl her daughter’s hair for a photo shoot.

Toddlers and Tiaras finalist anyone? I kid, I kid.

As their daughter ages (and gets more sassy) we receive frequent text messages of new (stupid) things her daughter says. For example, the other night Hilary overheard her daughter talking to Minnie explaining that she doesn’t like her mom & dad and wants to go live with Gramma & Pappy Doug. Hilary’s son has a serious addiction to his Johnny Jump-up and bawls at the sound of a deer call.

We’re raising winners in this family.

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(Forgive the poor photo. After the arrival of our son and a few pounds lost I assure you we will be getting family photos!)

And finally … me. Kelsea. The best part of your day.

Just kidding.

Okay maybe not.

As I type I’m breathing through a few contractions. We are 5 days away from having our second (and final) child – a son. I found out that I was pregnant this past summer. God surely blessed us with our ability to conceive in a rapid amount of time. We’re very, very thankful. As I’m horribly impatient. Wyoming is still our home and will be for another year and a half. After that it is up to the Good Lord and the United States Marine Corps where we will be headed. Secretly we are both hoping that it is back to our home in North Carolina, but all in all it could be anywhere.

My daughter has grown like a weed, and is probably the only 15 month old you will meet (who has no issues) that doesn’t walk. Yes. I’m 9 months pregnant, could go into labor any day, and my 30 pound 15 month old does not walk. She cruises around the furniture, climbs the stairs, stands unassisted for a few minutes, and walks with her little toy walker. On her own though? Fogetta ’bout it! Last week we had her 15 month appointment. Our doctor chuckled at me and said, “By 16 months she’ll be running. Just wait and see.”  Running. Oye.

My husband still stumbles into our home at 9:30 each night, half asleep, and returns to work by 7:30 each morning. He laments over and over about how old he is. But I believe Marines age like dogs. For every 1 year you age in real life you gain 7 Marine Corps years. He’s about a 56 year old trapped in a 26 year old’s body. God bless him.

I’ve had to learn to navigate being a mom/wife/homemaker/Marine spouse all on my own. It’s been a trying year, a year full of many early bedtimes. And 3 long ass weeks of taking the binky from my child. (We’ll cover that in a post someday I’m sure.) Like most moms I question my sanity daily. Especially when I leave a bottle of A&D ointment inside of my child’s sleeper pajamas. Yes … my child slept a whole night with a bottle of A&D in her pants.

Winning at this parenting game.

While terrifying I am excited to jump into our final year and a half here – with two kids under 2 years old – and hopefully get to spend just a little more time with my husband here in the United States. At the end of the summer he will be promoted to Staff Sergeant, a rank he has worked so hard for, and I’m sure I’ll shed a tear or two when I pin those chevrons on his collar. Super proud of what he accomplishes daily for his beloved USMC.

Overall our life will change even more in the next year. But that’s the roller coaster that is the military lifestyle. And we love it!

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All in all we hope that our blog has brought you many tips, tricks, ideas, and laughs over the past year. As our lives change and shift focus, we will try our best to keep you updated and to bring you as many cool posts as we can.

Who are we kidding … we are moms and wives. There may be a few mediocre, wine-induced posts in there too.

Get ready for an exciting year with The Domestic Four! Be sure to follow! (And drink your Ovaltine!)



  1. Susan says:

    OMG, I laughed SO HARD at the A & D ointment confession. But not as hard as when you claimed other bloggers seemingly juggle “life” and blogging without a hiccup. I have hiccups on a daily – scratch that – hourly basis. Just today I was so close to being committed to a rubber room that only a large glass of Pepsi, a Cadbury AND a Snickers egg, and a long nap for my surely demonic toddler brought me back to sanity (almost). Anyway, keep doing what you do. You have a really humorous way of storytelling that will serve you well as a blogger. I always enjoy reading. 🙂

  2. Jenna Brown says:

    I also laughed so hard at the A&D Ointment story. I love reading your stories! Thank you for continuing even through your busy lives.

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