Alright. You’re opening this link hesitantly. You WANT to lose weight, increase energy, and get healthier. You’re tired of feeling “blah” about your health, and those jeans are just a little too snug. You loathe opening Instagram and seeing your friends live their #gainz and #organic lifestyles while you down your fourth slice of pizza.

So you’re only reading this because you’re just “seeing what it’s about” and not really certain you can even do something as radical as Whole 30. Because pizza … Duh.

Well, I have good news.

You can.

You can because I did.

You don’t know me from Adam, so I may not be a good baseline for your success here. But let me tell you a little about me.

If I could eat frosting or cheese on everything, I would. I freaking love donuts. Beer? Give me two. Pizza is my blood type. I literally am Pepperoni Positive. Cake. Please don’t get me started on cake.

People, have you ever tried a warm Toaster Strudel? With the icing?

Coffee with cream … Liquid heaven. Jesus in a cup.

Food is good. Less than healthy food is SO good.

But, my sweet tooth and love of pizza and wings and cheeseburgers (swoon) were ruining me. Ruining my waistline and my overall health.

A friend of mine was doing her first round of Whole 30 right about the time I was feeling like a miserable ball of cheese induced death. I researched for 5 minutes and then texted my husband we were starting Whole 30 the next day. I then ate 10 or 20 mini Reese Cups.

Our first week was Rough. Capital R. Headaches, fatigue, groggy. Normal for the first week. Once I got through it though, I knew I could make it the rest of the way. We even went through Halloween candy without issue, people!

After our round of Whole 30 we reverted right back to less than healthy food choices and it was a dumb decision. I urged myself to step on the scale last night just to assess the total damage (it shows in my health as well as appearance) – I gained back about 8 pounds of the 16 lost. My husband sadly gained all of his losses back.

Weight loss isn’t the only objective of Whole 30, so we weren’t crying this morning. In fact weight loss is low on the list of goals. As I type this I am fighting a sinus infection, my husband is fighting a nasty cold. I’m in the midst of a major psoriasis flare up. Our bodies are extremely sore when we wake up in the morning. We are bloated. We are exhausted even after a full night of sleep.

We KNOW what life is like with Whole 30 and paleo food choices, and we are happily going back to it. For 90 days.

Now, YOU don’t have to do 90 days. But we are inviting you to join us for the first 30. I promise you, if I can – you can.

This isn’t just a weight loss thing, it’s a YOU thing. Breaking bad habits and embracing a new way of eating that impacts you immensely. Trust me.

Want to see our before and afters for a little more encouragement? Ok … Of course. Who doesn’t love a before and after?



Clear skin. Smaller, unbloated waists. Energy.

Yep, can’t wait to get back.

I won’t repeat what a million other blogs and the Whole 30 website all say – but I will refer you to them. I started this journey with only 5 minutes of research. But I do think you should research longer if you can.

Also, La Croix water is your new best friend.

www.whole30.com should become your homepage! I also recommend purchasing “It Starts with Food” or the Whole 30 book. Follow Whole 30 on Instagram. Follow me on Pinterest. (I’m a Whole 30 recipe pinner….)

We kick off on February 1. Do you want to commit to it with us?

Need a meal plan for the 30 days to make it even easier? Email us at thedomesticfour@gmail.com with Whole30 as the subject line and I will email you the meal plan we will be following! Bonus: I pinned most of the recipes on my Pinterest!



  1. krista says:

    I just love that you spelled #gainz correctly! 🙂 Did your kids eat like you during the 30 days? How ’bout food costs? We have eaten paleo in the past and food spending was outrageous.

    • Danielle, Sami, Hilary, Kelsea says:

      The cost of food did increase a little, but not so much that I panicked. The kiddos ate what we ate for the most part, but they still had their Mac & cheese, nuggets, spaghetti, etc here and there. It’s easy to do with kids and make substitutions for them. They definitely wouldn’t give up their milk!

  2. Jess says:

    I bought the Whole30 book a couple weeks ago and plan to start Feb 1 as well. I’m glad to hear I can tag along here for support.

  3. Katie says:

    My husband and I are on day 26 of our first whole 30. I’ll admit the grocery bill was shocking and I cried on the way home the first 2 times (shopping once a week, cuz fresh stuff just doesn’t last quite like chemical filled) but I’ve now seen it balances out because we don’t eat out. We are not spending any more money monthly than we were, and that was so refreshing to realize. We feel so much better, look better, sleep better. And everything we’ve eaten has been delicious!

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